iPhone 13 Pro Max Review: Pros and Cons

The iPhone 13 Pro Max gets a rare 5-star review from Tom’s Guide, thanks to its superior cameras, 120Hz display, Cinematic video mode and epic battery life. Here are all the pros and cons.

See our full iPhone 13 Pro Max review, including benchmarks, photo samples and more:

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45 thoughts on “iPhone 13 Pro Max Review: Pros and Cons”

  1. I would like to have one for my son struggling with his iPhone 6 16 GB Silver that has already caused him alot of problems in the past, any color may do and whatever memory variant, my son is not a picky one as well. Thank you so much for your kind heart.

  2. I would like a white or pink one! As not available, I would choose silver.
    Graphite is so boring….
    And I would like to make face ID possible WITH masks. I will never take my mask off at the moment.
    I am still using my XR and happy with it. But I am afraid I got infected by iPhone virus and want the NEWEST one. But why wasting money??
    I will never change to Android.

  3. seems like we may have reached "peak feature" and capabilities and now we really only get very small incremental enhancements between iphone generations

  4. So does the iphone 13 pro max "up to 120hz" mean that it does have 120hz or not because this is going to make or break a buy for me!!!??

  5. I used to always pick the black iPhones, but with the 11 pro max I went with the green and with the 13 pro max I went with the gold. I can’t wait to have it today.

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