iPhone 13 Pro Max REVIEW [Shot on iPhone]

I’ve switched to the iPhone 13 Pro Max – but does it live up to the hype, are the camera upgrades useful, is it time to jump ship from Android, and should you buy the 13 Pro Max?
▶ iPhone 13 PM – US: https://amzn.to/2WfL5Jl | UK: https://amzn.to/2Zo741J

Mrwhosetheboss battery test: https://bit.ly/3m52n4v
SuperSaf iPhone vs S21U Camera: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpxfOTJs6mc

00:00 I’ve Switched!
01:16 What’s new?
01:55 Crazy Battery
03:22 120hz worth it?
04:49 A15 – much faster?
05:54 Camera Review
07:08 Triple Lens
08:04 Video & Cinematic Mode
10:08 Low Light King?
11:19 Same Selfie
11:40 S21 Ultra vs iPhone 13 PM
13:07 Wrap up

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38 thoughts on “iPhone 13 Pro Max REVIEW [Shot on iPhone]”

  1. Hey Chaps! What did you make of the iPhone's footage for filming this video? Reckon I should chuck my A7Siii in the bin? 😅

    Update 1: ProRes is coming to all Pros, but only 1080p for 128gb models

    Update 2: happy to hear Apple will soon add a lens lock feature so camera doesn’t keep switching between wide/UW

  2. This is my third day having an iPhone 13 max pro. I’ve never had an iPhone before, I’ve had every note until 3 days ago my note 20 ultra had the black screen of death even with insurance on the phone I’ve decided to switch to iPhone. And yes the iPhone is annoying at times like where’s the damn back button . But Ibe charged the phone twice !!!! Twice like wtf in 3 days !! What is going on here ! How long will this last !?! Until the battery get weaker ? This battery alone I think was worth the switch. Although you can be a lot more shady with android like delete everything and not leave a trace and you can’t with apple but wowzers this battery

  3. Ngl I've had the S20 for the past 2 years and I've now bought a 13 Pro so I've officially transferred over to IOS. Only one thing to criticise, if I was on say 0% battery on my S20 before I go out I can pop it on charge and 30 mins later it's on 60%. Getting to 60% takes years on the iPhone

  4. Thanks for the decent review & solid insights…

    I've just decided to make the move from my Note 20 Ultra 5G to the iPhone 13 Pro Max and really looking forward to receiving it tomorrow.

    I'm a huge Android fan (owned every Pixel bar the current 6 Pro, owned all the Samsung Notes and had the 20 & 21 Ultra also)

    But with having a Pixel 4XL still as my business mobile (and it tends to be my 'go to' for decent picture taking); having an iPhone back in my ecosystem to go alongside my M1 MBA and M1 iPad Pro makes a lot of sense 👌🏻

  5. I recommend to go with the pro than the pro max. The pro max is so big it's like you're holdding a tablet.but it's dddewpewnddd on you it's your money. Be wise. There's no huge difference. Go with the pro.

  6. well i was going for the pixel 6 pro ,but the pro max battrey life and the video quality of the iphone kept me goin for it sry google but battrey life for me is one of the main thing i see in a smartphone i hate carrying power banks with me it's getting annoying so a phone that can get me 8 hrs sharp of battrey life , that is something massive fo me that none of my previous phones did that, none of them so i give the crown to the iphone this year !!!

  7. I’m using a OnePlus 7 Pro and am contemplating the switch to iPhone. Love my clean screen currently – no hole punch or notch. But herein lies my question: on the iPhone 13 ProMax with 18:9 video content (or 2:1), does the notch protrude into the image at all?

    I’ve heard that on the 13 mini and the 13 Pro it does, but not on the 13 pro max. A owner/user perspective would be great! Thanks and keep up the good work

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