iPhone 13 Pro Max vs. Galaxy S21 Ultra Drop Test!

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Drop test between the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max and the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra to see how the two phones compare when being dropped in the same way.

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iPhone 13 Pro Max vs. Galaxy S21 Ultra Drop Test!


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30 thoughts on “iPhone 13 Pro Max vs. Galaxy S21 Ultra Drop Test!”

  1. mom be like: ooo cool i wanna test if the Samsung still work if i make it half damage
    me be like: trowing the samsung from 5meter to the floor
    mom be like: nooooooo i want half damage not completely damage
    me be like: look mom the samsung is only half damage from that fall
    mom be like: well since you always drop your phone i'll buy 5 samasung
    me be like: 1 smasung for gaming, 1 samsung for photo, 1 samsung for social media, 1 smasung for google, 1 samsung for throwing from 1 meter every day

  2. Youll never know what will happen they are only telling what will be the damage outside still you need to choose to fix or not to fix couse parts of every phone specially iphone are very expensive!but i choose to buy the iphone 13 pro max..lol

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