iPhone 13 Pro Max vs iPhone 11 Pro Max – Which Should You Choose?

iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 11 Pro Max have some differences, but also have a lot more similarities than anything else. I go over what is different and what is the same between iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Anker 623 Charger – https://ankerfast.club/3sby4y4

I help you decide which iPhone is the right choice for you. I compare the price, the display, talk about the camera and much more. #iPhone13ProMax #iPhone11ProMax #Apple

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:27 – Price and Storage
01:04 – Colors
01:22 – Design and Materials
02:06 – Weight
02:35 – Displays
03:15 – Pro Motion
03:34 – Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
04:17 – Brightness
04:54 – Battery life
05:15 – Battery Health
05:53 – Charging
07:17 – Specs
07:37 – Speed Comparison
08:42 – Exporting a 4K video
09:48 – Heat
10:21 – Cellular Connectivity and Reception
10:50 – Front Camera Specs
11:15 – Rear Camera Specs
11:45 – Camera Options
13:03 – Full Camera Comparison
15:48 – IP Rating
16:17 – Speakers
17:28 – iOS Updates and Support
17:57 – Which iPhone Should You Choose?
19:09 – Conclusion
19:27 – Outro

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22 thoughts on “iPhone 13 Pro Max vs iPhone 11 Pro Max – Which Should You Choose?”

  1. If you have the budget, go ahead and get the 13 pro max…but if you have a smaller budget, i don’t think you are skipping out on much going for the 11 pro max! I bought a refurbished 11 pro max a month ago and i adore the device! It is just like new, fast, spotless…also comes with both the charger and the earphones… most importantly, I don’t have any performance issues on it whatsoever, as i see some people talk about. Battery lasts me two days and i am a heavy heavy user. I don’t think that a money difference between 11 and 13 pro max is worth the upgrades!

  2. Picked up an 11 pro max last week for £433 the cheapest I could find the 13 pro max was around 3x that price so I’m happy with the 11.

    Unfortunately it has 3 relatively deep scratches, 1 of which is almost closer to a crack and visible when the screen is on but in the bottom right and out of the way.

    Phone is fully operational, 83% battery health.

    I’m not sure if I should be happy with the price or annoyed about the condition 😓

  3. The telephoto lens on the 13 Pro Max actually took a step backwards due to an aperture of f/2.8 vs. 11 Pro Max’s telephoto lens aperture of f/2.0 albeit one is 3x vs. 2x.

  4. Away from the 120hz it doesn't worth the upgrade also I really love the round edges on the 11 models it looks ways premium and feels more grippy and comfortable unlike the 13 models which it looks cheap and ugly and that's just my opinion

  5. I’m currently using the 11 Pro Max that I got way back April 2020. Now it has 83% battery health and it’s draining fast now. Not sure if this is due to the iOS 5.2.1 update or what, but it’s still capable. Maybe changing the battery will make this good as new again.

  6. Just paid off my 11 pro max. I might just wait until the 14 comes out if the world doesn’t explode by then 😂. I really dislike the squared edges 😩 it reminds me of the 5, or even the 4 when the edges weren’t even beveled. Ugh 😂 what a gross feeling. I really hate to sound like a broken record. I Really think I’m tiny tk wait for the 14

  7. I really hope nobody is payin that crazy money for a phone that's 2 years removed from 5G. If you already got the 11 then I would definitely hold out for the 14. I think the 11 will be one of, if not the fastest phone to be removed from the updates list because of the lack of 5G. I think we all want to see where they're goin with the next SE and 14 because we all know that major changes have been slow. There hasn't been any must-haves since 5G and that just happened and is a transition. If you bought the 11 or SE2 when they came out, I think you scored the perfect phone to hold for 2-3 years while they figure out 5G and bring us the camera megapixel upgrades and storage we're looking for. I'm really looking for the 256g, minimum of 10x optical zoom, touchID. I know that phone will last me 4 years easy with a battery change after 2 years and I'll probably get it for around $100 with my trade in. Oh and can we stop goin backwards with Siri?

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