iPhone 13 Pro Max vs iPhone 12 Pro Max | Comparison | DrTech

iPhone 13 Pro Max vs iPhone 12 Pro Max | Comparison | DrTech

Hey guys, in this video i did a animated specs comparison between the 13 Pro Max against 12 Pro Max. So if you like this video, sub to channel would be great.

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47 thoughts on “iPhone 13 Pro Max vs iPhone 12 Pro Max | Comparison | DrTech”

  1. Yo, need help: I'm a Samsung guy, but I have been thinking to move to iPhone recently. Is it better to buy the iPhone 13 Pro Max instead of the 12 Pro Max? I've seen a lot of videos talking about people if it's necessary to upgrade from 12 Pro Max to the 13 Pro Max, but no one has asked for the people that doesn't have iPhone and wants to buy a new one, so, is it worth it to buy the 12 Pro Max?

    No matter how much is it just in case.

  2. I keep hearing reviewers of the 13 pro/pro max say that the buttons (volume & lock) on the 13 pro/pro max are lower than they are on the 12 pro/pro max.

    This is certainly not the case with my 13/12 pro max’s. The buttons on my 13 pro max are slightly higher up on the phone than they are on my 12 pro max. What gives?!

  3. I have an 8+ but will problem wait for the iPhone 16-17 to see bigger changes. Upgrading every few years is foolish and wasteful but great for my Apple stock !

  4. Only deciding to upgrade as I have a iPhone 7, and it’s showing its age. Sometimes it’s slow, doesn’t charge, and since I have the money for it, I wanna treat myself to something. I’m also super interested in having a phone that can take photos in low light settings (as well as overall better camera and battery life since my battery life probably lasts like 2-3 hours total)

  5. Yeah I’m just sticking with my 12 pro max.. see ya for the 14 pro max see what that’s like do they not notice Samsung’s new phones are bigger and better cameras 😭 get with it Apple

  6. I'm still using the iphone 11 pro max and I'm still alive. Just to trade an iPhone for the camera? No thanks, I hope that when the iPhone 14 comes out it will be something innovative in another sense not only in the camera. Something like Samsung like flip phones or dual screens. Or something like a holographic phone .. Nowadays Apple only guides its upgrades in the camera lenses, and a few extra things, that's all.

  7. Well I just got my iPhone 12 Pro Max because ur wasn’t bothered with my iPhone 6 I needed this phone for photography so I bought mine like 4 days ago it’s going great this phone it’s big like a mini tablet recommended for iPhone 12 Pro max cost : £1099includes free wire
    Buying Including charger head :£19 any questions ask me

  8. 120nz promotion display. All new main camera, new wide angle camera and new telephoto camera. 20% bigger battery. New video features that aren't in any other smartphone. New 5 core GPU. 20% smaller notch. Brighter display….etc.

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