iPhone 13 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra – FULL COMPARISON

In this video, we will do a full comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Both of these are the flagship offerings from Samsung and iPhone and people want to know which one is better.

In this video, we will do a deep comparison, compare every aspect of the Galaxy S21 Ultra vs the iPhone 13 Pro Max and get you precise answers.

We will compare the camera, performance, build, design, battery life, and much more.

Let’s dive in deep.

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35 thoughts on “iPhone 13 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra – FULL COMPARISON”

  1. Just letting you know, the s21 ultra scores lower on geeckbench but it actually loads up apps and webpages slightly faster than the iphone. (most of the time)

  2. I really don't like the boxy look Apple goes with each year. Hope that iPhone 14 Pro Max changes that. But I'll love to see a Different Pixel look and hope the S22 Ultra looks more like the Note series and makes the curved edges more friendly on Tempered Glass/Sapphire Screens.
    I also hope more tempered glass screen protector manufacturers step up with Ultrasonic compatible products! We should have more than 3 options, there should be 20+ options more affordable than Whitestone Dome that work as well. Even if they have to all be UV cured Glass

  3. Both are good I simply don't like the Apple Ecosystem and since I don't have multiple apple products I don't have that need like some do.
    I prefer the look of Samsung and Pixel to iPhone models. The iPhone usually keeps the same design from each design while the Samsung usually makes different designs, hardware features and more software features from each generation release and that can be good or bad depending on the user.
    ▪︎For me I like the new tech and features and customization of Android, specifically Samsung/Google and Sony Xperia Pro Series.
    Usually Samsung and Sony have better specs on cameras and features.
    Apple has better software aside from Pixel sometimes but Apple does have better processing and fluidity in apps with iOS but I don't like being limited to only 1 brand for iOS and being tied to that specific ecosystem.
    Both iOS and Android are good for most things and you honestly can't go wrong. It really comes down to preference on OS and what you need to do.
    Android has the better Camera and Video specs and features especially with Sony with that 1" sensor on the Xperia Pro I
    Apple does slightly better on games because of how well iOS is with most games.
    Features for me is Android.

  4. I was a diehard android/Samsung user for years. Most recently had an s20+ and I enjoyed that phone quite a bit. I moved from Android to apple because of the quality of life from apple. Better battery life, better integration and optimization as well as an easier ui. I love android but recently picked up the 13 pro max and I enjoy how user friendly it is right from the get go. For basic day to day use I enjoy it. Half of the “features” on either phone are mostly gimmicks anyway and rarely used by me at least.

  5. In the final comparison you mentioned s21 ultra chargers faster, but didn't mention that the 13 pro max has longer battery life of over an hour.

    That's useful information to people like myself who find battery life important.

  6. ✌️ Samsung 🥰🥰. I just love Samsung products cause they are the best I charge my phone ones in a day and I'm a power user 😁😁😁😁 PUBG, COD, DLS 😹😹😹 I even love the virtual Ram 😋😋

  7. Androids are open source even the tecno L8 can have more customisations than iPhones because they are Androids
    iPhones were designed for something different
    Easy to use
    Fast and stable
    Long software support
    And now, better battery life

    Now all I just mentioned, if iPhones are not doing them well, then prove me wrong

  8. Je né pas le choix parceque dans mon pays iphone 13pm plus chère que samsung s21ultra un peux près 500$ de plus contrairement a la logique s21u plus chère de 100$ . And im happy because i love samsung 😍

  9. I have note 10 plus now but my dog broke one of the camera lens so I am going to buy iPhone 13 pro max for its great battery life and camera and will hold on to my note 10 pro so I will be able to enjoy Android and iOS now 🙂

  10. Both phones are great, I had 2 iPhones already, now I'm using a s21+ but I gotta tell that Instagram and Tiktok looks better on iphone cause they have options to upload content in HD, that's the only reason I would get the iphone

  11. Gaming on android is waymore better than a shitty ios , i think ur sleeping dude most of the developers nowadays they publish their games lets say as a beta version on android , and google play ofc has way more games than appstore ..

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