iPhone 13 Pro REVIEW 🔥 Display, Camera, Battery & Performance எப்படி இருக்கு?

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Review | How is the Display? Camera? and Performance Overall? Is it worth upgrading from Older iPhone models to iPhone 13 Pro? Sharing my thoughts in this Episode to help you decide and Buy iPhone 13 Pro.

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0:30 – Design
1:17 – Display
4:28 – Processor, RAM & Battery
6:04 – Front Camera
8:10 – Rear Camera’s
12:50 – Pricing & Cashback
14:03 – Conclusion


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42 thoughts on “iPhone 13 Pro REVIEW 🔥 Display, Camera, Battery & Performance எப்படி இருக்கு?”

  1. I got the white iPhone 13 pro max in silver 128gb and uploaded an unboxing video on my channel too! I also did an unboxing of the spigen clear glitter case. great clear case without adding more width/weight to the phone. The iPhone 13 pro max is a great phone.

  2. Iphone 13 pro max, வெளிவந்த பிறகு, கேமரால ஏதாவது software அப்டேட் பண்ணி இருக்காங்களா bro?

  3. Hi bro, I have iPhone 11 and I am planning to upgrade iPhone 13 pro so it’s worth by. 5g capable means in future they will update band or this band also will work fine in future!

  4. Hey @irobinpro would you recommend transitioning from iphone XR to 13 or 13 pro? My XR is stuttering for the speed at which i switch between apps and also am looking for a better cam to shoot videos.

  5. தமிழ் பேசும் உள்ளகளுக்கு வணக்கம் … ipde oruthan youtube channel vachurukan … oru elavum theryadu vaelae vada suduvan… but your very talented and clear explain ..impressive

  6. Broo nan iphone xr vachuruken broo enaku litahh display break aagiruchu bro right side la corner la athoda orginal display enga kedaikum mutha iruntha mari truetone display varumaa bro enaku oru video podunga bro plss broo

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