iPhone 13 Pro Review: An Android Users Perspective!

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I’ve been using the iPhone 13 Pro on and off since it came out – around four months ago. During that time I’ve also tested both of Samsung’s latest foldable phones and the new Pixels from Google. Personally, I think android devices suit me better, but I can’t deny just how good the iPhone 13 pro is and completely understand why so many people love it.

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49 thoughts on “iPhone 13 Pro Review: An Android Users Perspective!”

  1. My fold Z2 broke AT&T sent me a fold Z3 as an insurance replacement. Which was awesome but I still didn’t trust the foldable screen’s durability. My Z2 broke in 9 months(screen couldn’t close when opened) Fold Z3 seemed stronger but I couldn’t unsee the crease in the screen idk why? Z2 couldn’t even tell there was a crease. Went back to iPhone last week and I admit it’s been a learning curve getting to know an IOS system but I’m loving it. iPhone has so much accessories available for its phones my fold 2 & 3 was hard to find cases in stock at most stores and were way more expensive compared to iPhone cases

  2. R u divert to the i phone….???


    Keep wait for see wht samsung gonna be do. Will realize.
    In by 2030 every smartphone companies will copied from samsung one. even Apple's iphone…..?? Keep wait… I'm apple user but love smng.. something behind them that no one won't know…. And for the first time waiting An
    android phone 22ultra🥰🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. Always tell people who switch from Android, you never appreciate iOS truly until you own multiple Apple devices. If all you want is a phone, stay on Android. If you need an ecosystem of phone, laptop, desktop, tablet, watch, headphones pick Apple.

  4. When I was in high school (2005) the iPod was like the cool thing everyone wanted and regular MP3 were not cool and when the iphone came out it was an even more cool status to the point were some people made fun of me for not having one, so I grew up hating the brand, and then I started know their business model and to this day (I'm 34) I would not buy an apple product, even now that I got the financial means, I still won't not spend money with them I know, they are good items, but is more than that to me. Plus, I like to be to who ever gives the most freedom to do whatever I want with what I purchase (that's why I want ever buy a Tesla).

  5. I just switched from 13 pro Max to pixel 6pro I'll never go back at long as pixel keep this up all they'll need next is done Google stores just like you can go in to apple stores and game over pixel will take over I promise you

  6. The things that stop me from switching to iPhone are what u mentioned: no back gesture, no touch id, no usb-c, unintuitive app setting.
    As much as I love iPhone's camera the most, I don't wanna trade the ease of use for that camera.

  7. I can't stand how takes 5+ years to copy Android, but then it always ends up worse anyway. Magsafe wireless charging only allows for one device where as I can buy an android charging mat and toss 3 devices on it before I got to bed. After 15 years they finally added widgets but you can't place them wherever you want. Apple improved on Google's face unlock, but if you have to touch your phone anyway why wouldn't you just use a fingerprint sensor in the screen or in the lock/home button? If it takes you years to catch up at least improve on the feature

  8. 87 %? Americans still use an imperial system, what do you expect from them? Be adaptable? And the blue vs. green bubble problem? Omg, what a nation of bullies Apple is raising.

  9. Big droid user, iPhones are just too locked down u really don't own the phone! Yeah it looks and feel great really premium. But like I sed I rather not Apple still has too much control over the phone and they're always late

  10. As a 13 year android user i got an iPhone xs max last year and 4days ago i got the 13 pro max. As i got older i started to care less about launchers and icon packs on my samsung phones. The fact that im not forced to have chrome, google maps, gmail on my phone syncing in the backround is nice. All i need is widgets that ios now have. I have owned a ipod touch 4 gen and ipad air 1 gen so not totally new but i can live with ios now.

  11. I love your open minded unbiased review.
    I agree with everything you said. I love both ecosystems. However, iPhone just seamlessly works with my Mac and iPad. I love iMessage, but I dont bully anyone for not having it, and I love I can swap things across devices.
    I love Android. The only downfall for Android is the lack of longevity support like the iPhone gets. Phones are just too expensive to just get 1-3 OS updates. I have the Z Flip 3, like you, and loved the phone. But the poor battery life caused me to go back to the iphone, and it was hard to open one handed running through an airport pulling my crew bags.

  12. On iOS 15.4 beta the Face ID finally works with a mask on. Thank you, baby Jesus. Love the review from my favorite Android reviewer. You keep me updated on Android since I switched to the dark side.

  13. I've used an Apple product before and to be honest, I've only lasted a whole year until I got really bored with it. There isn't really much to do there except the basics. I'm the type of person who likes to change my home screen layout every few days. That's how bored I get sometimes. And an iPhone just doesn't do it for me in that area. And the Lightning port bugs me a great deal. I can't even use my iPad or Macbook charger if I own an iPhone. So, until they decide to get on board with USB-C, I'll hold on to my S21 Ultra which is freaking amazing!

  14. Teens love social interaction and a solid ecosystem, especially everywhere is made Apple friendly. No surprise here. But I believe Google with it's new operating system is heading in the right direction. Google apps are already amongst the top used on iPhones.

  15. Love this take! I'm a lifelong Android person. Haven't had an iPhone since the 4S, but recently got the 13 Pro cause I lost my S20 FE. The 13 Pro is an amazing phone but for me, the OS is holding it back in so many ways. On my Android, I felt like I was being much more efficient/faster in tasks because the OS is more fleshed out and you can adjust everything to your liking.

    I'm constantly missing the back gesture, better notification system & roll down menus, cleaner app library, fingerprint reader, and a lot more. Though, there are things on iOS that I appreciate, such as iMessage (cause all my friends use it), and airdrop.

    Most likely will switch back to Android when I get the chance. The iPhone 13 Pro experience feels very similar to my old iPhone 4S, which isn't a bad thing but also not really a good thing.

  16. Recently switch back to iOS… Picked up the new iPhone 13 mini. I had a Google Pixel 4 that I enjoyed. Especially google Callscreen. I ended up breaking my Pixel 4 so I picked up a Pixel 6 that had so many bugs and issues I switch back to iPhone. I’m happy with my iPhone 13 mini.

  17. I totally agree on this review. Recently switched to iPhone 13 Promax with watch 7 due to work.. regret it total,y. Note 10+ and my galaxy watch still far more superior

  18. I love your honest reviews.

    Android user here who works and also owns an iPhone as a work phone.

    My biggest gripe with my android is compatibility across social media apps. They just work better on an iPhone 😪😔. It's 2022. We shouldn't have pixalated stories on Instagram anymore, haha.

  19. Thank you for calling the flat sides a throwback!! It gets touted as being new and premium but it is indeed a throwback to the 5 and earlier! But a fingerprint scanner? Meh.. it never worked great on my 7+ so I turned it off and don’t miss it.

  20. 4 hours a day on your phone? together with iPad and notebook that must be 10+ hours, throw in the TV and we're probably talking 14, 15 hours of device time and that's without Apple Watch, pager and fax.

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