iPhone 13 Pro review: attention to detail

The Apple iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max are here with 120Hz high refresh rate displays, A15 Bionic processors, and all-new cameras. At a glance, the iPhone 13 Pro shares the bulk of its design with its predecessor, the iPhone 12 Pro. When you look closer, it’s the details that start to show the full story with this year’s Apple flagship. Starting at $999 and $1,099, respectively, are the details enough to warrant an upgrade?

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iOS 15 review: https://bit.ly/3kqkySB

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45 thoughts on “iPhone 13 Pro review: attention to detail”

  1. Cinematic mode can go up to 4k30 if you get a 256gb+ model, only the base 128gb is locked to 1080p due to read/write speeds being different since the flash storage is different. MaxTech did a test on this

  2. Iphone 13 pro-best phone I ever had. I think apple is doing great with quality and maintaining it's name. Camera is the best part. Pics are crisp and love the night mode picture. Love the design of phone too. Was not a fan of xr styled phone. Only issue-it's a bit heavy as compared to XR. It was a big jump for me from XR to iphone 13 pro but love it

  3. The digital zoom looks horrible 😩 On Samsung you can zoom into the moon and see a bit of good details. Wish it was like that with Apple. I bought the Iphone 13 Pro after upgrading from an 8+, wanted a better phone camera for a concert I will be attending and needed a good zoom. Overall still glad I made a good jump!

  4. From widgets to Picture in Picture support to 120 hz, it feels like Apple is actually trying to compete with a roided up phone of there own with the 13 pro max being the first iPhone to sway me away from Samsung.

  5. I had a 12 pro max and loved it great battery life and cameras and performance I wasn’t gonna move it but I got a sweet deal on a 13 pro max so I was like why not the 120hz is great especially on games the performance is as expected very fast and smooth and the cameras are so much fun especially the macro mode and I thought the battery life was great on the 12 pro max which is was but this 13 pro max is in another league!!!! There is no way you killing this in a day unless you stand outside all day in direct sunlight recording something for hours I don’t see anyone doing that lol amazing phone

  6. Just upgraded from an 11 Pro, this video confirms I made a good choice. Not perfect, but well… it is a phone not a ‘pro’ camera 🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. 9:30 here’s a tip for the iPhone users with that arrow, instead of going all the way up to press that button you can swipe up, not from the directly bottom but in the photo frame, better for one handed use.

  8. Imo its kinda understandable that apple didnt add 120hz to the normal iphone 13s,but if they added it to the normal iphone 13s,they would have had to add it to the mini too,meaning itll screw with battery life.if they dont do a mini next year,then they have literally no excuse bc they can literally use the iphone 13 pro screen on the upcoming iphone 14(if they keep their phones the same size as they are now)(and they probably wont make a change to the notch next year cuz if they wanted to do that,they wouldnt have made the notch smaller this year and ut would just make the ppl who bought the iphone 13 bc it had a smaller notch).

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