iPhone 13 PRO Review – The Final Verdict.

The Final iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max Review (including Camera, Battery, Screen, and Value). For Rhinoshield use code “MRBOSS13” for 20% off in the first week (10% afterwards) – All Cases: https://bit.ly/3zn351N – RhinoShield Collab Designs: https://bit.ly/2VULAZ7
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21 thoughts on “iPhone 13 PRO Review – The Final Verdict.”

  1. I bought an Anker 5k MagSafe battery to go with my iPhone 13 Pro, and I’m not so sure I’ll ever need it, it is pocket sized so it’s easily transportable so there’s that.

  2. iphone 13 pro max is a very good phone which I chose to go with after so many years with Adnroid phones like Samsung, Sony, LG, Google etc. To put into perspective, I just jumped from Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G to iphone 13 pro max

  3. Some of These comments are hilarious and sad 😔 😆. Men and women lie, numbers don’t. Doesn’t matter if you think the people who buy Apple products are stupid, or that Apple sucks ass and doesn’t innovate lol. They still sell millions of iPhones and other products, YEARLY. I bet Samsung, Google, Oppo, and whoever else sells phones, wish they had “stupid customers” who continually buy their “ garbage, uninspiring products”. If you don’t like Apple, or their fanbase, then good. Doesn’t matter. They still break records and sell iPhones like crazy. The same applies if you’re an Apple fan and hate Android users lol 😂. Shit is ridiculous. Just enjoy the tech we have and let people like and buy whatever they want. I happen to use a Pixel 6, and an iPhone 13 Pro. I love tech. Apple and Google or Samsung, don’t care about anyone here.

  4. The absence of the always-on-display is killing me… I was considering switching to an iphone just to try it out but that is a deal breaker for me. AoDs have been around for YEARS in Samsungs, and they are imo the one most useful feature you may have in a phone. Also the notch… people say they get used to them though, dunno.

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