IPHONE 13 Pro vs 12 Pro | Should you UPGRADE? | URDU/HINDI

Everyone wants to see an iPhone 13 Pro vs iPhone 12 Pro comparison, and wants to know which of these should they buy and should you UPGRADE?
The iPhone 13 pro just came out, so lets see how it holds up against the iPhone 12 Pro!
This review is in Urdu/Hindi

4 thoughts on “IPHONE 13 Pro vs 12 Pro | Should you UPGRADE? | URDU/HINDI”

  1. The last time I had a mobile phone was in 1997,it was a Nokia but if you were on the phone for 45 minutes your ears would be like burning hot,so I decided to give it up after 5 months. I have never bought another mobile since But I had a pager for 12 years so people could send me messages.

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