iPhone 13 Pro Vs iPhone 11 Pro! (Comparison) (Review)

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The iPhone 13 Pro just came out, so lets see how it compares against the iPhone 11 Pro.

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44 thoughts on “iPhone 13 Pro Vs iPhone 11 Pro! (Comparison) (Review)”

  1. Apple is dishing out the same food year after year with different garnishing. It’s high time they up their game! Thanks for this video, it made me realise that I should stick to my iPhone 11 Pro because the newest edition (13) isn’t really any different at all!

  2. 💥💥 Hi. I’m a professional portrait photographer who got sucked in by the “pro” that they added into to iPhone 11. There is nothing that is pro like about it. I regularly shoot local rock bands on stage normally with my literal pro DSLR gear but occasionally for personal reasons I’ve used my phone. I had the X before the 11 Pro and with decent lighting I’ve grabbed some really acceptable images. Now with the 11 Pro under the same lighting conditions the camera goes into that 3 second exposure mode which completely destroys band members on stage who are moving. The X grabbed those shots well and did not use a long exposure setting to do so. The long exposure mode is only good with scenes where nothing is moving but people in bars don’t stay still. Can anyone tell me if the 13 Pro is going to use that 3 second mode also.? That would be my main reason for upgrading. Thank you 🤟🏼

  3. I don’t know I am using the 11 pro for more then 2 years and still works great but my dad bought 13 pro I don’t know if he is gonna give me that or he is gonna keep it soooo yeah…… but still I would keep the 11 pro bc it’s sooo good for like a phone that is 2 years old

  4. Went from 11 pro to 13 pro and I gotta say the 13 really struggles at focusing subjects that aren’t far away. Just taking a picture of my cookie, the photo on iPhone 11 looks crisp and clear with beautiful background blur while iPhone 13 is blurry and inconsistent. Then you’ve got macro mode which DOES do a good job focusing, but is a lower quality picture and doesn’t offer any background blur. Would prob return this phone if it didn’t offer the 1TB option.

  5. Amazing video ! Yesterday I buy iPhone 11 Pro because of price and I was thinking like there is not that big difference with 13 pro well know I see this video I’m very happy that I choice 11 pro really ……. Thank you for sharing this with world

  6. My man, if you gonna open that camera app up even if it’s just to talk over a specific feature or whatnot you gotta clean those lenses up

    Overall though, great video. The zooming being smoother on 13 pro is something I haven’t heard anyone mention yet.

  7. That is helpful. I need to get a new kit for my two YouTube channels. So far I had been using a 10 year old iPhone SE (not that bad actually) and a Nikon D5000 sir with a tele zoom lens.. But the Nikon got stolen and the iPhone is nearing the end of its useful life..
    So I have been watching all sorts of reviews and considering Sony ZV1, ZV10, Canon M50, iPhone 12 Pro etc.. a new iPhone plus a ZV1 is probably not that good a combination as neither gives me a tele option for photography. So I am currently thinking of iPhone + a ZV10/M50 or similar-

  8. Apple is so good at brainwashing me. When 12 pro came out I still bought 11 pro as I preferred that size a year ago. Now that I’ve seen 12 pro size for two years, I’m starting to feel 13 pro looks like a right balance between 11 pro and 13 pro max

  9. I’m definitely keeping my 11 pro and saving my money until they make a real upgrade that’s worth the change! And everyone with an 11 pro should too!

  10. Sold my 11 PRO for 550€ and got the new 13 PRO for 1049€ 🤷🏻‍♂️. My advice is to switch iPhones every two years no matter what. You’ll always get the newest for less than 500€.

  11. iPhone has only ever improved since day one the 11-12pro are not as comfortable to hold as the old iPhone 4 the 13 pro hits the spot in performance and comfortable to hold with good grip

  12. Debated on upgrading from my 11 pro max to the 13 max. I don’t really notice the lack of high refresh rate unless it’s specific situations. My 11 also takes awesome videos still and great pics. If anything I might get the S22 ultra next year🤷‍♂️ change of pace

  13. i like how the iphone 11 pro uses a majority of real estate on the phone compared to the newer iphone 13 pro. you can see how there’s no bezels at the top on the iphone 11 pro.

  14. I really want people NOT to buy this phone, so APPLE can learn that they cannot fool us. NOTHING is different. They could probably call the chip A13.01, instead of A15. Seriously! Half of a millisecond fast, and that too, not always. If your 11pro works well, 13 pro is just novelty, nothing else.

  15. My iPhone 13 pro coming next week but I have the 11 pro and the reason I’m upgrading is because I work at a car manufactory plant so I’m on the line for 12 hours a day and only have 3 breaks each of my breaks I have to charge my 11 pro just so it can keep going idk what happened to the battery life but it’s frustrating when I’m trying to listen to music and my phone dies on me with 4 hours left

  16. i got the silver 128gb iPhone 13 pro max. I did an unboxing on my channel! If anyone has been considering getting this phone, GET IT YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. Huge upgrade! 🙂

  17. im starting to experience fps drops on my 11 pro sometimes on pubg. im thinking on upgrading to 13 pro but i think ill wait for 14 pro. i just dont rly like that huge camera bump on 13 pro.

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