iPhone 13 Pro vs iPhone 13 Mini – Which to choose?

iPhone 13 Pro vs iPhone 13 Mini – Which to choose? Hello all and welcome to this video comparison between the Apple iPhone 13 Pro and Apple iPhone 13 Mini and in this video I will help you decide which is going to be the right iPhone for you to choose if you’re unsure which is the right iPhone for you. While these iPhones are quite different in price and specs, you may still be wondering which is the right option for you. If you have either the iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 mini, please consider sharing your experience with the community down below in the comment section of this video! As always, thank you for watching and be sure to be well and peace.

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Video Chapters:

Introduction: 0:00-0:47
Prices and colors: -0:48-1:37
Body, Build, Design: 1:38-2:55
Portability and weight: 2:56-4:18
Display quality and differences: 4:19-6:11
Software differences,updates, and performance: 6:12-7:53
Storage capacity: 7:54-8:28
Battery life differences: 8:29-9:27
Camera differences, which is for you: 9:28-11:07
Selfie camera quality: 11:08-11:30
Phone call quality, reception, bluetooth, audio: 11:31-11:59
Final conlusion: 12:00-13:50
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44 thoughts on “iPhone 13 Pro vs iPhone 13 Mini – Which to choose?”

  1. I wound up going with the iPhone 13 mini. Since I walk and go to the gym, this is the perfect phone for me on the go. Plus the upgraded brightness and battery life sold me on it. It seems like the perfect small phone with no compromises.

  2. I went from the iPhone SE (2nd generation) to the 13 pro. And the thing I love the most is the battery life. MILES ahead of the SE. I no longer even have to think about the battery cause it gets me through even heavy use days just fine.

  3. In india the price difference between the two is tremendous more than 550 dollars. So i wanna go for the mini. Mini is wanted for me becoz it is small. And i have 2016 se. one question is the mini great for gaming ?

  4. I really hate the extra wide screen on the iphone mini 13 – it's so distorting – all that money on something I don't really like; apart from the battery holding charge, and the tethering is probably more reliable than my old SE. Shame.

  5. I really mind about the absence of close up on iphone 13 mini; actually, I much preferred my old, small SE. However, the 13 mini holds its charge now – and tethers better I guess now.

  6. I have the 7 plus at the moment. Going to upgrade with my tax return…something that’s meaning me towards the mini is that the size of the phone is the same size as the screen of my phone now. So I’m basically just cutting off the top and bottom portion of the 7 plus and just having the screen. So basically what I’m getting at here is going from 7 plus to 13 mini, you’re basically gonna have the same screen size. You’re not “downsizing” at all really.

  7. I have the 13 pro and i am going to buy the mini. Can't stand the big camera. I want a phone ghat fits my hands. I love small smartphones

  8. Nice review Nick! Last 2 phones were 5s 16GB then SE 16GB 1st Gen as portability has always been my priority compared to better tech, but an even greater priority which isn't normally considered in terms of phones is health. The 120hz screen is much better for your eyesight and users have reported less eye strain.

    So I ended up with the 13 pro 1TB. If they made a 13 pro mini that would be my ultimate choice even if it cost more than the pro. Actually even the mini is a bit big. I don't care about screen size.

  9. That’s really helpfull comparison for me.
    I got iPhone 13 pro (from iPhone 7) last week but I felt it is so heavy and imposable to use with one-hand. I feel vulnerable when I use my two hands – like binded with the phone – while walking. I got iPad mini as well so I don’t use my phone for email or internet surfing while indoor. I’ve arranged a return for iPhone 13 pro and thinking to get mini instead.
    Thank you Nick.

  10. I currently have an 11 pro and am trying to decide between these two. I have very small hands so the mini is so intriguing to me but I’m wondering if I’ll miss my 11 pro cameras. I like night mode and use it pretty frequently but not so much the telephoto lens. I would love to see night mode comparisons between these two.

  11. Backing out of apps with one hand with the mini is just amazing. They really should have just added the telephoto from the 12 max in the mini, since it got both the cameras from the 12 max anyway. That would have made the 13mini the best phone ever made. I’m currently using a 13pro but wish the 13 mini had the telephoto.

  12. The 13 mini has ruined me to carry any large/heavy phone again. It’s a game changer. I tested the 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max for a week and both felt like obese underachievers. I was very disappointed how unnecessary the weight felt in the Pro models for a portable iphone. Way too heavy for what the Pro models deliver. I have other big phones (Note 20 Ultra, 11 Pro) but the 13 Pro Max is ipad heavy with now too small a screen for its weight. I wouldn’t carry a 13 Pro Max around as my daily if it were free. The smaller size of the 13 mini feels far more impressive of a achievement from Apple for a flagship phone than the heavy chunky 13 Pro models. Battery life between the 13 Pro and 13 mini were only 5% at the end of my day of testing (40% vs 35%). More than enough battery life even for heavy users. Speaker quality and volume sounded the same, which is excellent. Brightness of the screen outside was more than enough, even in sunlight. The “macro camera” mode of the 13 Pro way over contrast and over sharpens to the point the pixels are ruined. This feature can’t be turned off as it’s the way the 13 Pro renders its photos. This is well documented on the forums. Other than that, the cameras between the 13 Pro and 13 mini produced identical pics including “night mode” and “wide angle”.
    The 13 Mini is really the standout of the IPhone 13 line up. I went 13 mini 512gb for the win. I am not sure if price even matters as the 13 Mini with 512gb over $1k so price point shopping isn’t a factor at this level as much as form factor.

  13. I personally want to upgrade to the iPhone 13 pro. Despite people saying it is a "12s" year, it hits the 3 main things on a phone upgrade this year (all the iPhone 13 lineup). Battey, Display, and Camera. Yes, all the iPhone 13's do it but the Pros just take it to a different level. 120hz upgraded ultrawide, etc.

  14. I have a iPhone XR I’ve had it since May 2019. I’m going to get another iPhone on Thursday of next week because I cracked the screen and it’s horrible. The screen turned into a white yellow color and it’s shaky. So bizarre

  15. My iPhone 12 Pro disappointed me in battery life my iPhone 7 Plus is still best in battery life. So costly phones making poor battery life. I have to charge my 12 pro after every 5 hours. Improve battery life now a days cheeper phones are battery life

  16. please make a comparison videos on iphone13mini vs s21 vs iphone se 2020 vs pixel 6. or something about the most pocketable phones as some people which includes me are getting tired of giant phones we cant fit our pockets anymore.. love your videos

  17. Thank you very much since I recommended this video alot from u and I really find it very helpful , my problem is that I love the small factor of the mini but i need the more advanced cameras so I'll go with the pro 🙂

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