iPhone 13 Pro vs Pixel 6 Pro: 2000 Photos Later | Full Frame Ep. 5

When the iPhone 13 Pro launched earlier this fall, we said it had the “best camera” in a smartphone. But a few weeks later, Google’s Pixel 6 Pro, with its 50-megapixel sensor that is hard-coded to produce 12.5-megapixel images, was finally released, proving a worthy competitor for the iPhone 13 Pro’s 12-megapixel camera. To settle the score I took 1,000 photos with each device and realized using these cameras was about far more than their end products.

iPhone 13 Pro gallery: https://adobe.ly/3mFzayJ
Pixel 6 Pro gallery: https://adobe.ly/3qscBzQ

00:00 Intro
00:31 Camera Specs
01:09 Telephoto lenses
02:20 Ultra-wide lenses
04:05 Main lens
05:58 Hardware + Software
09:09 Google’s Real Tone Feature
10:20 Video
11:46 Poll Results
12:49 Conclusion

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20 thoughts on “iPhone 13 Pro vs Pixel 6 Pro: 2000 Photos Later | Full Frame Ep. 5”

  1. Unless you do a blind test, I don't care for your opinion. But this? This is perfect. An excellent review. The presenter is so engaging, knowledgeable and entertaining.

  2. Why is the Gallery view only? makes no sense to me, wouldn't it be better if we could download the Full-Res photos and then compare ourselves? or there something I am missing here.

  3. Can anyone explain why my photos are always blurred edges? On Instagram, regular photos etc. No matter what. So it also distorts the picture and looks terrible. Everyone else's photos don't seem like this

  4. Well done keep up the good work 👍…. Liked the effort you put in yea both phones are great and have their own strength and weakness….. Nice to see 👍

  5. I’m on iPhone 11 rn and I wanted to change from iOS. The P6P has an excellent price compared to the 13 Pro!!
    I can get the P6P for £40 a month for the 256GB version and 50GB data!! Upgrading next month 😍

  6. And I really enjoyed this. It seems to depend quite a bit on the subject matter as to which camera will do best. I have an iPhone 13 Pro Max which I really like. I would like to see Apple address the spots where the iPhone camera is weaker than the pixel camera and improve those. When the next iteration that works noticeably better comes out I will trade up. All of the really good phones around the world are going to have their strong points in some areas and weaker and other areas. They are all getting quite good. The best thing is the competition. So much depends on software with these little cameras. It’s not like the old days where you pick your film with the characteristics you like the most or like a DSLR where the outcome is mostly dependent on editing on a computer. The thing I would most like with my iPhone is a computer with appropriate editing software, but at the same time a future iPhone with a faster port to offload data rich images and videos to edit off the phone.

  7. amazing video! thanks so much for all the hard work, this may well have just given me all the knowledge I need to decide. One quick question, on the pixel can you shoot in 1×1 on the main camera? I have a clothing business so this is a deal breaker for me. Thanks 🙂

  8. Great comparison, so hard to choose. I think for me it comes down to what I’m use to and that’s the iPhone 13 Pro Max. I use the ultra wide camera and take a lot of vids and like you stated iPhone wins in those categories. Spot on though when you stated no camera will make anyone switch to android or iPhone. But I can respect a great camera when I see one and the Pixel 6 is great. 😊

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