iPhone 13 Pro – Why I Switched?

iPhone 13 Pro – Why I switched! Hello all and welcome to this video discussion on why I switched to iPhone 13 Pro and in this video I will share with you what it has been like to use the iPhone 13 Pro in comparison to the iPhone 13 Pro Max in day to day use to help you decide if this is something that you may want to consider picking up for yourself. Apple iPhone 13 Pro features a 6.1″ Super Retina XDR OLED 120HZ promotion display, Apple A15 Bionic chipset, 6GB of ram, Triple 12MP cinematic 4K60 HDR cameras, and a 3095 mAH battery and comes with the latest version of iOS 15. If you have the iPhone 13 Pro, please consider sharing your experience with the community down below in the comment section of this video 🙂 As always, thank you for watching and be sure to be well and peace.

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35 thoughts on “iPhone 13 Pro – Why I Switched?”

  1. I switched iPhone 13 Pro for about 2 weeks fully! In this video, I share with you why and what I learned! Share your thoughts below and enjoy the video 🙂
    P.S. I accidentally mentioned Pacific Blue, I mean Sierra Blue oopsie 🙂

  2. I have 13 pro came from 12 pro max and I love it I got it in gold looks so nice!!! I have the 256GB version to get the pro raw and the camera features!!! I’m not really missing on features on the 13 pro max version. Definitely my bill is way cheaper than 12 pro max lol

  3. I went with a Pro over a Max – despite me having a Max prior, as they benchmarks for the standard Pro are higher than the Max – interesting, I know, but for some odd reason, the standard Pro is slightly better optimized than the Max – maybe something to do with more processing power being used for that larger display? Not sure – but happy I made the switch.

  4. my girlfriend bought a 12 and I think I like it better because it's alot lighter than my 12 pro 512 gb. I went with my phone cause I thought it would be better because its more expensive but not really the case. I like her phone better.

  5. all the features of the pro max in the pro with a smaller screen, didn't see a reason to get a bigger and heavier phone. Battery life no problem, can watch a movie with almost max brightness and browse the internet, message for 4-5 hours straight and stilll have half battery, if im concerned i might drain even more just throw it on the charger. Not like we don't have access to charges most of the day! Bigger display might be nicer for watching a movie or gaming but i don't do that enough to justify it.

  6. Just upgraded from a XS Max to 13 pro and its everything I wanted it to be! No sacrifice from the max model! Absolutely LOVE the fit in hand, strong battery 🔋 life! and that top tier camera on a smaller frame!! It’s literally the phone I’ve dreamed of since my 5s days

  7. I switched to iPhone for the first time last week. My previous phone was the Galaxy S20+. I planned to get the 13 Pro Max but I decided at the last second to get the 13 Pro instead. The 13 Pro Max was a hair wider than the S20+ and i saw the weight for both iPhones were more than the S20+, but even heavier for the Pro Max. I like that the Pro has all the same features or I would have gone with the Pro Max. Plus I saved $100 vs the Pro Max.

  8. I just switched to the 13 pro from the Galaxy S21 Ultra and the biggest reason was they finally offered the same cameras as the Pro Max in a smaller phone. I was getting tired of these huge phones. So far the battery life and camera have made it easy to live with some of the things I miss about Android.

  9. I regretted not sticking with the 11 pro. The 11 pro Max I exchanged for was great and the battery life was killer but it just felt unwieldy at times. It never sat in pockets right and I actually found the weight of it, say in bed would actually bother my hands after awhile, I’m 6’1” and don’t have small hands. 5.8” 11 pro felt a bit small at times but I miss that size. I remember playing with the iPhone 11 and thinking “this is the sweet spot”… low and behold the new 12 pro came in that size. I wanted to hold out for the 14 pro but there was enough changes and the new sierra blue was a striking colour and having a buyer on the sides for my 11 pro max. I went for it. No regrets. 13 pro is awesome.

  10. I had a OnePlus 7T and upgraded to iPhone 13 Pro and I think with my hand size it’a perfect, the Pro Max is nice and all but I can still watch videos in a satisfactory size and it’s just so… comfortable

  11. Misleading title and overall waste of time. We didn't learn anything new or the reasons why you switched… Duh, everyone knows that 6.1" is smaller than 6.7" –> dislike

  12. I've had many max phones but I recently got the iPhone 13 Pro as the max was too big for my hands, typing and generally holding the phone was uncomfortable, Happy with my decision.

  13. Previously I'm a Samsung Note user, the iPhone 13 Pro Max felt right at home. The normal Pro just feel too small and battery life is a huge deal for mobile gamer like myself.

  14. I initially bought the 13 por max on december. The size if perfect for me. The only reason i switch to the smaller 13 pro is because of the weight. It is too heavy considering that you still have to put case in it.

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