iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12: Don't Make a Mistake

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There’s a lot of hype surrounding the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini right now, but are they actually any good? If you’re considering upgrading from an iPhone 12 or older, let me show you what you can expect with this year’s new iPhone 13.

iPhone 13 Pro Max: Does Pro Matter? https://youtu.be/ClP8Gppf6KU
iPhone 13: Save Your Money? https://youtu.be/901nnDDEZN4
iPhone 13 Mini Finally Worth It https://youtu.be/cPffwBl-psw

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39 thoughts on “iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12: Don't Make a Mistake”

  1. Help me guys. I’m upgrading from an iphone 7.
    I’m thinking bout getting either the 12 or the 13 for Christmas. I’m really into Photography, but I mainly use my phone for everyday use. I’m also cautious when it comes to money.
    What do u think?

  2. I really can’t get why we don’t have Picture Styles on iPhone 12 via update. It’s clearly a software stuff and A14 can run anything that A15 can, at least at this point. I think is a marketing decision rather than a capability matter…

  3. I’ve had the 8 plus since launch and will keep it till it can’t be updated any more. I’m one of the 10% who can’t use OLED due to PWM. I don’t like the notch and much prefer the 16:9 screen – the best for media.
    For those trying to choose I’d say go for the 13 as the battery life is hugely improved.

  4. Still got the iPhone SE (1st Gen) LOL. It works well, no issues with it other than the storage. I literally have 16GB total 😂😂😂 – they don’t even make phones with such little storage anymore. I sometimes have to delete apps to use other ones then upload the deleted ones when I need them. If it wasn’t for this I wouldn’t be thinking of upgrading!!

  5. i went from the 11 pro max, to the 12 mini and i regretted it instantly. i wanted that small feel again and the mini was it for me but the battery drains very quickly. And i wanna upgrade to the 13 but then i want to wait for the 14 lmao IDK WHAT TO DO.

  6. Planning on getting my first iPhone in the next few weeks. Where I live the 13 is only ~40USD more than the 12 so thinking of getting that but will wait to see what sales happen in the next few weeks to make my final decision!

  7. i have a iPhone 7 and im looking to upgrade this year..wondering if i should get the iPhone 13 or 13 Pro ..i need real life help..ofc asking Apple or any phone stores they are gonna say the iPhone 13 Pro just to get the extra money but i need honest review/answers

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