iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12: Don't Make a Mistake

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There’s a lot of hype surrounding the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini right now, but are they actually any good? If you’re considering upgrading from an iPhone 12 or older, let me show you what you can expect with this year’s new iPhone 13.

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39 thoughts on “iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12: Don't Make a Mistake”

  1. Had a iPhone 12 for about 3 months it was good no complaints at all and although my favorite color was red I wasn’t a big fan of the salmon color the 13 looks so much better in the red but anyway it was a great phone still is I’m sure

  2. I like your efforts but didn't feel like the best comparison out there. The whole video was mostly about camera and videos only

  3. Me trying to know is iPhone 13 is worth buying or I can buy a little less expensive iPhone 12 I came here and thay are just telling about camera bro I'm not buying a camera I'm buying a phone more then half video is about camera for a person like me who is not a picture taken guy I'm giving my money to buying a phone I need a video who can tell me that what should I buy and help in that why YouTube remove the dislike button so I can see which video I should prefer bro I'm just saying a phone is not only about camera you should give me a clear pic of you're because it's you're job …. Please don't take my thoughts in a wrong way I'm just looking everywhere people is only comparison the camera most of the time like half the video okay we get that the new phone has a better camera we know it's a better phone to buy but is it worth to buy a phone like 1year older then a new one …. Thay should give this clear answer….but it okay not everyone is like me who not use much camera or the camera is not only the point to buy a phone….it was my opinion on some of the YouTubers who totally waste of time to watch

  4. I kinda don't get why your review focuses only on the camera and ignores other points like performance, battery and screen

  5. I live in the Caribbean and this phones are 5,000 at my local tech place if I order it from the use it will cost me 1,600 so Americana this price is really good yall are lucky

  6. After many many years of having different types of androids, I'm finally getting my dream phone at the end of the year I've been always wanting an iPhone.

  7. I was able to find a decent deal on a 128gb iPhone 12, I don’t like to upgrade as much, paying phones off is annoying and expensive. Going to be keeping this for another 3-4 years like i didn’t with my XR.

  8. Help me guys. I’m upgrading from an iphone 7.
    I’m thinking bout getting either the 12 or the 13 for Christmas. I’m really into Photography, but I mainly use my phone for everyday use. I’m also cautious when it comes to money.
    What do u think?

  9. I really can’t get why we don’t have Picture Styles on iPhone 12 via update. It’s clearly a software stuff and A14 can run anything that A15 can, at least at this point. I think is a marketing decision rather than a capability matter…

  10. I’ve had the 8 plus since launch and will keep it till it can’t be updated any more. I’m one of the 10% who can’t use OLED due to PWM. I don’t like the notch and much prefer the 16:9 screen – the best for media.
    For those trying to choose I’d say go for the 13 as the battery life is hugely improved.

  11. Still got the iPhone SE (1st Gen) LOL. It works well, no issues with it other than the storage. I literally have 16GB total 😂😂😂 – they don’t even make phones with such little storage anymore. I sometimes have to delete apps to use other ones then upload the deleted ones when I need them. If it wasn’t for this I wouldn’t be thinking of upgrading!!

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