iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12 – Every Single Difference TESTED!

Apple’s new iPhone 13 has a bunch of new features and changes compared to the iPhone 12, but is it ACTUALLY worth the extra $100? Let’s find out!
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In this video, we compare EVERYTHING between the NEW iPhone 13 and the iPhone 12 including the displays, the design, the cameras, the speakers, the performance and MUCH MORE to find out if it’s actually worth upgrading from the 12 to the 13.

We also answer the question if whether it’s worth paying $100 extra for the iPhone 13 compared to saving $100 with the iPhone 12!

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Timestamps ⬇️
iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12 – 00:00
Exterior Differences – 00:50
Speaker Comparison – 03:17
Display Differences Compared – 04:17
Geekbench 5 CPU – 04:49
Geekbench 5 Metal GPU – 05:46
SSD Storage Speed Test – 06:39
Camera Quality Comparison – 07:58
Should You Upgrade?! – 09:53

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43 thoughts on “iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12 – Every Single Difference TESTED!”

  1. Im getting a new phone and my choice is iPhone 12 or 13 cos thats the phone with a cheeper monthly payment
    So im doing reserch to see wich one is better

  2. would i be stupid for go from the 12 pro max to a 12? just because i want the blue colored phone. and plus nobody calls or texts me anyway.

  3. Ok perfect comparison video but here’s the one question or thing I’m confused about, I’ve always harped about how much better Amoled on the Galaxy’s look compared to Oled like on the IPhones or atleast color wise, and how they finally had Samsung make Amoled screens for the 13’s, I’ve watched a few videos like this and i can’t see even the tiniest difference whatsoever. They both look just as good as the iPhone 11 Pro that I’m watching from. But I do wonder if that’s exactly what it is and it’s just that I’m watching from an Oled screen so it might not be possible to see the difference on one screen. I’d like to see them both in person, for me screen quality is my #1 thing forsure and I’ve always said if iphone just had Samsung’s screens, I would be super sold with iphone. Ever since I could remember since the galaxy s2 and iphone 4, there’s always been a landslide difference in screen quality towards the Galaxy’s from iPhones, but iPhones have always been so much smoother and more appealing to use on the daily. I’m excited to see if they finally created the perfect phone I always dreamed of. Lol

  4. The speaker test is absolutely pointless – I just heard my speakers. Better to use a sound meter or just give your rating

  5. such a great vid mate, i got a 12 and was thinking of buying a 13 buy just didnt know if it was worth or not, you answered every question i wanted to know keep the content up m8 vids amazing <3

  6. The image with the sunset on iPhone 12 you said is over exposed can be easily altered by manually changing the exposure. So really, not that much difference when you can change it.

  7. The Frontcamera Hardware is much smaler and you dont investigated, if there is still a infrared cam and a dotprojector for the Face ID there, this would be very important for the Live Face app for doing Face Motionchapture!!! For me it looks like they have no more all sensors in the thrue depth camera implemented and this would make the i Phone 13 useless for Facial Motion Chapture!!!!!

  8. The 12 is still great. Powerful, light, solid battery, great screen and you can get it for cheap.
    I payed 650€ for my 128GB model and its just 3 months young! The 13 would had been 900€!

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