iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12 – REVIEW – Is It Worth the Upgrade?

Here’s my review of the iPhone 13 and comparing it. to the older iPhone 12. Is it worth upgrading?

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24 thoughts on “iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12 – REVIEW – Is It Worth the Upgrade?”

  1. As the 13 is a minor upgrade, my recommendation is to grab a discounted 12. I'd say the biggest bonus is the improved battery life!
    What are your guys thoughts?

  2. I got a free iPhone 13 with t-mobile, I was going in just to upgrade my galaxy 8 to an iPhone 12 they told me they had a special of buy 1 get one free, it was a no brainers since I was going to buy a phone anyways.

  3. By the sounds of it I’ll stick with my 12 just for the fact the 12 colour blue is so much nicer and once the 14 comes out the 13 battery will drain quickly

  4. I upgraded from the 8+ to the 13 and honestly I still don't think the upgrade was worth it. I wouldn't have mind waiting a few more years. Apple should slow down with the releases and make more significant upgrades on each phone.

  5. i got a iphone x 64gb and want to upgrade. should i get the 13 or should i buy the 130€ cheaper 12 with 64gb which is enough for me. can’t decide. pls help

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