iPhone 13 vs iPhone 13 Pro – Which Should You Choose?

iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone have some differences, but also have a lot more similarities than anything else. I go over what is different and what is the same between iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13. I help you decide which iPhone is the right choice for you. I compare the price, the display, talk about the camera and much more. #iPhone13Pro #iPhone13 #Apple

iPhone 13 Pro – https://amzn.to/32sqBzA
iPhone 13 Pro Max – https://amzn.to/31a9VfU
AirPods Pro on Amazon – https://amzn.to/2WtVAVa
Watch Band I use on Amazon – https://amzn.to/2Kpb7zX
Charger I use – https://ankerfast.club/3hwTTC1

***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:16 – Price and Storage options
01:00 – Colors
01:23 – Build and Material
01:47 – Weight
02:25 – iPhone 13 case compatibility
02:50 – Display
03:36 – Pro Motion
04:21 – PWM
05:12 – Cameras
06:52 – Rear Camera Specs
08:13 – Camera Comparison
10:27 – Specs and speed
12:22 – Battery life
14:24 – Which should you choose?
15:31 – Conclusion
15:51 – Outro

Gear I use:
📷 CAMERA: https://geni.us/WdQn
Lens: https://geni.us/kGUUa
🎤 Microphone – https://geni.us/DiN72zU
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5 AirPod Tips and Features You Might Not Know

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23 thoughts on “iPhone 13 vs iPhone 13 Pro – Which Should You Choose?”

  1. I am in the market. I currently have an iPhone XS. Want either the 13 or 13pro, listening to this, maybe the 13 is the way to go. Not a professional photographer but like to take photos when I travel. Plus a $200 difference. Tough choice

  2. I love my 13 pro max. I can go two days on a single charge. And I’m on my phone constantly. The Sierra blue was honestly the selling point for me haha. My 11 pro max was in mint condition. But the color was too gorgeous to pass up.

  3. 13 pro with this huge, sharp edged camera bump is disgusting, I almost once cut my finger sliding on the edge of this glass bump, I am truly shocked, not to mention that its just uncomfortable to keep in hand, being thicker than 12pro, or putting on flat surface with bump sticking out for 2mm…
    Also plastic covering front speaker is getting scratches really easily, I truly dont recommend getting 13 pro

  4. The iphone 13 pro is cool 😎 for the camera 📷 I love the macro mode but not for the battery but it has better than the battery the iphone 13 pro max does have that to so I am giving 10 votes to the iphone 13 pro for the camera

  5. I just upgraded from the 12 Mini (that I got for free at Metro by T-Mobile) to the 13 Pro 128 gb model. I love it, especially with the Promotion feature.

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