iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14 — Buy Now or Wait?

iPhone 13 now or wait for iPhone 14?
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Phone 13: Same retro future chic design. Same OLED Displays, Notch, Dolby Vision Cameras, and Lightning Ports. But with way, way better battery life and 120Hz, ProRes, Macro, and 3x Zoom on the Pros.

But what about iPhone 14? Well, some of that might be changing for the better… and for the worse. So, in this video I’m going to tell you if you should race out and get an iPhone 13 now, now, now, or do everything you can to wait for an iPhone 14 this fall. And the answers… never mind may — they WILL surprise you!

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0:00 – iPhone 13 Overview
0:15 – iPhone 14 Expectations
0:46 – Design, Notch vs Hole Punch, Steel vs Titanium
3:07 – Display, 120Hz, Always-On
4:07 – Cameras, 12mp vs. 40mp, 4K vs 8K
5:47 – A15 vs A16 Chipsets
7:34 – 5G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and UWB
8:49 – Face ID vs In-Display vs Power Button Touch ID
9:53 – Lightning vs. Lightning 2, USB-C, Wireless
12:24 – Thunderbolt


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38 thoughts on “iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14 — Buy Now or Wait?”

  1. I change iPhone every 3 years.. and that's just perfect. You all know that there will be new ones every year isn't it ? And iPhones great at release time are still great many years laters..
    The happiest people are the ones who learn to want what they already have.. the most unhappy are the ones who always want the next things.. choose your camp..

  2. wait for iphone 14 so USB-C may be port for speed transfer for hires videos and also cable which is universal to may others. other I may don't care.

  3. This was an amazing video.👏👏 I got an upgrade thru T-Mobile that has been sitting since 2019. But I'm still hesitant to make the switch to the iPhone 13 pro max. Beautiful phone. I would be foolish to use that upgrade just to turn around less then 6 months later. The Phone 14 would come out and that would break the internet on how Apple drastically changes things every 10 years. But after watching this video, I'm more like 85-90% certain that I should just hold off and keep using my Samsung Galaxy S9 + with my battery draining within 2 hours. I could still use it until this fall right…😂😂😂

  4. Right now, pro res is garbage, and the fact Apple is still charging at 25w is just crazy lol. No point of shooting raw if it's 600mb per minute especially since it will take forever to transfer from phone to pc. I'm still debating between 13 pro max and s22 ultra

  5. First time I realized how important a background music adds to a video. Just a feedback but it got a little difficult to watch all the video listening only to your voice! Great content though!

  6. Pro photographer here: 
    More megapixel does not mean more better. The problem with a 40+ mp sensor is the smaller individual pixelsize which in theory will make it worse in low-light video than the 13 pro.
    Lenses on phones aren't sharp enough to make pixelbinning worthwhile. With either phone you'll most likely end up with a 12mp photo and I highly doubt the 14 pro's will be noticeably sharper unless they start actually using proper glass in their lenses instead of plastic which they won't. 

    And I don't see 8K catching on. To make it better quality video than current 4k you'll need an insane bitrate (Way higher than S21u) which will make you end up with huge files which is not gonna make 8k worth using (like prores). 
    Did you know that your iPhone Pro Max and your 16 inch 2021 Macbook Pro can't even display 4k res? 
    Unless you need the ability to crop in post (Like some pro content creators who use RED cameras) 8k is a gimmick. 
    The only reason Apple would let iPhones film 8k is for marketing reasons because the competition is filming 8k. It serves no other purpose.

  7. I personally like lightning cable because how it looks like a male penetrating the female also how it looks more secure and aesthetically pleasing lol

  8. Honestly? If you can find an 11 pro max, go for it. Battery is better than the 12 & if you’re not crazy on all the new specs it’s fantastic phone that feels current and up to date

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