iPhone 13 – What was Apple Thinking?

My Full event review of the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, including camera, battery, specs, price and more! For the iPhone 13 UNBOXING: https://youtu.be/84FatKnHhJI
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45 thoughts on “iPhone 13 – What was Apple Thinking?”

  1. To me, these iPhones 13 look a lot like my old iPhone 4S. Yes, they brought back the Steve Jobs design….this time without "antenna gate" and free phone cases to fix the issue.

  2. If you have to “keep reminding” people of a feature they don’t have it’s probably not that important of a feature to the average person. The fact the don’t care enough to remember kinda tells you all you need to know lol

  3. Every single person that buys ANY new phone cyclically is a moron. I stay 2 years behind, notice zero to little upgrades and typically pay about 15% of what the phones cost new. Came here for a laugh. Got it.

  4. I have an iPhone 6s with the newest version of iOS so I’m actually happy because there’s no sense in buying expensive ass phone just to have new iOS when I have an iPhone 6s Plus with the newest iOS so I’m happy and I just got the iPhone 6s Plus

  5. Battery storage is directly related to size and everything about the iPhone is a compromise to sell more units. It's not the best phone or the best camera or the best operating system it's just pretty. The notch and bezel and color are as useful as lipstick in a rain storm. No micro SD, no jack severely limits it for video unless you are just posting so everyone will love you. It's just a very expensive mirror with lights (on the other side, oops) to be pretty. Not really a serious phone.

  6. You will never be able to shoot a professional movie take on a Apple phone.
    Apple only allows preselected choices for their users; this is the antithesis of creativity.
    On another side… Not having the 120 Hz refresh on the non-PRO, but still expensive iPhone 13 standard, is a slap on the face, if I do not want or can't buy the PRO. It should have been standard in all models.
    The last thing is about Magsafe. Try to charge an iPhone from a power bank with Magsafe: 50% of the power is lost in the transfer. Energy from a power bank is precious for reasons of weight and size, so Apple can't truly eliminate the power socket. They must upgrade it to USB-C, but they are delaying it for some unexplained reason.
    Thanks for the video…

  7. Apple's phones are not the greatest, but their ability to generate profit sure is… they went from 2 trillion dollar company to 3 trillion dollar company in just under a year and a half! 15 months and voilá an extra trillion dollars equals…

  8. Periscope camera will help and apple will have to jack up the price more, but apple fanboys will pay any price! And they will have to with inflation out of control!

  9. hopefully soon they add the charging speeds of the Mac book pro because that thing is fast 61 watts WOW! but this will have to wait until apple realises that if they're gonna make phone they've got to be competitive

  10. Really every phone on the market is never gonna be the same because some people like it a bit more simple like apple but still want some high tech stuff, or some people want high tech with a lot of features like Samsung. All companies build their phones different because they know that people don't always want the same thing.

  11. I used android for years and I was always miserable, especially since android phones after a year of usage are just unusable bricks. I switched to iPhone in 2018 and I don’t think I’m going back anytime soon. If I get a phone I want to be able to use it for years and still have it almost as usable as the day I bought it. Apple gives me that so for now I’ll stay with them, even if I have to trade off all of the experimental new 💩

  12. One thing you missed is that even though you can save in much larger ProRes, the only port to pull the files off is Lightning, which is incredibly SLOW: too slow to pull files off, too slow to connect an SSD, which is what real cinematographers do. Not even an SD card slot.
    Not to mention that even though Apple Music is now lossless, there is no way to pass this much data to any listening device. So Apple Music is wasted on Apple iPhones.
    Besides that, they're great or… They will be, someday.

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