iPhone 14: Coming in 2022 and Everything to Know

iPhone 14: Coming in 2022 and Everything to Know.

The new iPhone is always the most anticipated phone of the year. The iPhone 13 was launched in September just 3 months ago and with its launch, we saw some of the biggest upgrades the iPhone had seen since the iPhone X.

Now it’s time for the iPhone 14 and although it might seem like the iPhone 13 was just launched yesterday, we’ve already got a significant amount of information on the iPhone 14.

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  1. My iPhone 8 is going to 3 years now, once it’s battery dies I’ll replace and keep using for 2 more years . Can’t imagine myself waste money on this ever slow changing trends .

  2. Apple needed to get rid of the notch yts ago, that's one of the biggest reasons why I haven't switched over…… I hope they do go with the hole punch…. Fingers crossed 🤞🏾

  3. iPhone is always the same every year. They just moved the cameras around or change the color or make it a different shape. Samsung is one that's innovating

  4. iPhone 14 gonna be the same as iPhone 13. They still gonna cost $1000 plus and people willingly to sell their kidney to buy the iPhone 14

  5. I’m starting to save up now for iPhone 14 Pro max so I can pre order it on pre Oder day in September Sometime this year will be my first time ever pre-ordering an iPhone 📱

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  7. Apple company in future be like…
    Okay guy's enough of selling your kidneys for iphones… Frome now on kidneys won't be needed cz from now on your gonna need to sale your arm's, legs, and dick's too if needed… Thank you

  8. I'm very happy with my 13 Mini in Product Red. I actually believe the Mini is the perfect size for a phone. I don't really understand the bad sales of it? It's honestly perfect. My Wife has the Iphone 12 Mini and after seeing it, I was sold on it. Bear in mind that all my old phones are big. Samsung Notes, Sony Z1, Nokia 7 Plus etc.
    I loved my Sony and the Nokia, but the Apple 13 Mini is such a lovely phone.

  9. I got the 11 pro max and I almost got the 13 but my 11 works fine but if the 14 is right I’ll get it that’s a 3 yr difference in tech

  10. They need to use the tech they REALLY have. No need for this release every year crap. With little to no difference in the phones. Only if profits weren’t there main objective. Explains the rest of the world, can’t move forward, as the speed we should!!!

  11. as ive said before and will say it now. everythings gonna change except one huge thing in all of the iphone series or generations it is the BATTERY inside every iphone that will ever be released in every year if the battery changes nothing will ever be comparable to any iphone line ups in every year.

  12. Omg I just broke my iPhone 7plus I had for 3 years and I had to get a 12 today because they discontinued the 7 FAIL! But I like this phone I just gotta get use to not feeling the home button which I loved

  13. literally an iphone 13 with more screen at the top and circle volume buttons, no thanks imma stay with my 13 i just bought i'm having a blast! i also don't see the point in flat camera's so yeah, if it has better battery then ill consider

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