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Even though this is Apple’s first attempt at building large phones, it’s not breaking new ground- in fact, it feels more like the company is catching up than innovating.
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47 thoughts on “iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus review | Engadget”

  1. The specs on the 6 look impressive on paper, but it doesn't register much from a user's perspective. I returned the 6 after two weeks of use and decided to stick with my 5s.

  2. Very good video and review! Something that is very annoying is that when the iPhone is in landscape mode – in the message app – and you want to attach a picture from the Photo Library it opens the photo-app in portrait mode! Even iPhone 6 Plus! This is very frustrating and means that you still have to rotate the iPhone to portrait mode to select the picture to attach. Furthermore, you can not select multiple images at once. The strange thing is that the photo app itself is rotating to landscape mode – but why not when to attach pictures to messages?

  3. Hey guys, what about some help here? Need a smartphone with reasonable specs, good camera, slim, under 4 inch display and preferably Android. Which one should I get. Sidenote: it is a gift to my wife, and she's an executive, so that's the profile – Go! =) And thanks a lot!

  4. Again the same old logic, Apple is playing catch up. Apple isnt playing catch up. They take lot of time to perfect and research. So stop this fucking catch up shit…i know you are smart, no need to be desperate to try to prove it.

  5. The iPhone 4 measurement you showed at 0:46 is wrong, if I'm not mistaken it is 9.3mm not 7.6. Also, if I'm not mistaken, the lines on the back act as antenna. Just thought you should know so you can make your videos more accurate next time 🙂

  6. I don't see why everyone doesn't like the lines on the back. I think it looks good. And the camera protruding all you have to do is put a case on.

  7. Everything this phone can do Samsung has already done it years ago… What's next Apple are you going to make removable batteries maybe waterproof your phones… Samsung & android are so much better when it comes to phones.

  8. I love to see these insecure android fans crowding at every iPhone video to make fun of it… So they can justify the reason for owning an android. Grow up.

  9. Why does no one have a problem with the weird unmatching colors? Oh here's basic black…oh wait the back is a weird grey for some reason. wtf.

  10. I dont like it at all the 6 and 6+ i am a fan of apple since the iphone 3gs i have the 5s now and thats the last iphone i buy i dont like the big phones and thats why i choose apple but now ik switching to android dont like this at all

  11. Horrible review, camera is sticking out, yes thanks for letting us know the obvious, hello the lens is protected with a sapphire lens, and catchy up with android, no I don't think so, if that was truly the case then Apple would not have sold as many iPhone as they have. iPhones simply work period, android are for those die hard tech nerds who never settle for the norm, that's me, I own a note 3, LG G pro, and a 1520, I realized that I am not that much of a nerd anymore like I was years ago, were I rooted, jailbroke everything. Now I just want something simple, easy to use, not worry about my standby time, not worry about having poor camera. my next phone will be the 6 plus, and a word of advice to all don't listen to any of these reviewers on you tube, the best judge will be yourself.

  12. Ok. I have an honest question and I don't want to come across as "attacking." But I've watched about three videos on the Iphone 6 so for tonight to see what all the hype was about and on every single one of them, when I looked into the comments, there was always an argument over which phone was better, which OS was better, etc etc. My question is, why can't we just let each other do what they want to do?If Apple works for you, by all means get apple, if Android works for you, get Android. Live and let live. I'm almost positive life would be a LOT simpler that way. Lol 🙂 

  13. I can't pick on the iPhone for having a camera that sticks out considering I have the Lumia 1020. If its sapphire glass, I doubt there will be scratching problems.

  14. I just wish the space grey antenna was black and not grey. I think they should of kept the plastic or glass strips on top and bottom these lines are too thick. The camera looks cramped in the top frame, bigger spacing would of looked better

  15. Beautiful rounded edges, super thin design… why am I not hearing reviewers tear the iPhone 6 apart for their "Huge Bezels?" People have become so obsessed with the size of phone bezels but, apparently, Apple is getting a free pass in that department. I heard so many reviewers of the HTC One M8 (and others) rip into their gargantuan unruly unholy how-can-I-continue-to-live beastly bezels. iPhone 6, so far, … crickets. Personally I don't care. iOS, Android, Apple, Google; phone technology is so amazing no matter which company is making them that it's nick-picking. This one minor point just jumped out at me.

  16. This is my favorite Review so far. You definitely didn't sugar coat anything and gave some very honest opinions that's definitely going to help aid in my decision to my upcoming upgrade in November! Very informative.

  17. OK just a question out of the blue iOS software is snappy camera is good screen on the iPad air is great so where do they go on the next iPad in terms of improvements all I can think is more memory any ideas how they would keep the apple gravy train from the fangs moving ?

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