iPhone 6 Plus Review

The iPhone 6 Plus is Apple’s first entry into the phablet market. With it’s very large 5.5 inch display and huge size, the iPhone 6 Plus has some very good and not so good things about it.

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20 thoughts on “iPhone 6 Plus Review”

  1. Aaron i am your regular viewer i did not think you have reviewed Iphone 6 Plus. I liked your Video You are love. I love you work ❤️

  2. @zollotech Is your 6 Plus jailbroken because I saw that you have nested folders, that can be possible only with jailbreak and do you think that I should jailbreak mine because I wanted some features. Im on IOS 8.3 ?

  3. iPhone 6 plus two thumbs up, but a phone shouldn't be so big because it's a phone there are other devices to use if you want bigger real estate. I'm going to get a iPhone 6 plus because I'm a big person though.

  4. I agree. I want to use my iPad mini for a bigger screen, and my iPhone 5s when i want a super compact and comfortable device for bringing with me everywhere I go. I have a macbook air with a 13 inch screen that I can use for lots of productivity stuff, and for just browsing the web or watching youtube on a large screen; so the mini fits perfectly between the iPhone 5s and MacBook Air 13. I don't need the iPhone to be big like the iPad.

  5. I think you're right, regarding the size of the 6+, too big! The fact is that iPhone is always with me and it necessarily need to be very practicable and portable (as always been). 

  6. I rarely use my iPhone as an actual phone, very little phone calling and texting going on over here, so I couldn't wait to get a really large screen in my next iPhone! The 6 Plus is perfect and I'm a two handed user by nature and almost never carry a phone in a pocket so yeah, I'm loving my new gigantic iPhone, lol. Watching stuff on Netflix or on YouTube while in my bed or on the couch is a dream, plus I no longer feel like throwing the phone against the wall everytime I'm typing something on Facebook, lol…

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