iPhone 6 Review! (….an Android Fan's POV)

In this video let’s take a closer look at Apple’s latest – the iPhone 6.

Apple’s finally realized that a 4″ just doesn’t cut it anymore and we have a much bigger 4.7″ display here…

The iPhone 6 feels solid and its body feels great… the curved edges do make it easier on the hands…

The iPhone 6 is powered by Apple’s A8 Chip that house 2 cores clocked at 1.4Ghz each coupled with a Power VR GX6650 GPU and 1 Gb RAM

It has a resolution of 750 by 1334 giving it a pixel density of 326ppi

All this is powered by a 1810mAh battery.

The iPhone 6 is just 6.9mm thin and weighs in at a 129g.

It features an 8MP rear camera without OIS that’s found on the iPhone 6 Plus but with phase detection auto focus and can shoot at 1080p.

The iPhone 6 like its larger sibling is available in flavors of 16, 64 & 128 GB and in 3 colors – Gray, Silver and Gold.

What do you think of the iPhone 6? Prefer the 4″ display on the iPhone 5S? Welcome the larger display? Too bendy? 😉

Let me know in the comments below…
You can order an iPhone 6 from Amazon – http://bit.ly/c4eiphone6

Indian buyers can order the iPhone 6 Plus from various stores – you can use GoPaisa.com to find the best deals…

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Thanks to Vivekanand Rajkumar for helping me get this phone 🙂

44 thoughts on “iPhone 6 Review! (….an Android Fan's POV)”

  1. Hey Man….Ur videos are very good & felt honest. 😀
    I have an asking. I am an android user since I started using smartphone. I'm going to buy a new phone after two years and living in a hell of confusion. Long story short……Just tell me what will U pick from Iphone 6/Ihphone 5s/Samsung Galaxy S5? Just wanted your opinion from these 3. TIA. 🙂

  2. i'm actually thinking of switching from an iphone 6 to android, mainly because i have a nexus 7 and really enjoy using it but also because the openness of the OS compared to ios. I want to get a moto 360 smart watch and on ios its extremely restrictive, so going to android seems inevitable to me. My only gripe with android is with the apps, namely google isn't as strict on UI and because of that android apps tend to feel kind of half assed or quickly put together compared to ios variants. Also app selection seems to be kind of hit or miss. What i mean by that is that yea, android has tons of apps. But a lot of them are kinda.. stupid..

    But yea, was thinking of getting a nexus 6 since the price got reduced, but i'd really like a phone around 5 inches that ISN'T underpowered. I was also looking at the nexus 5, or i might wait for the 5x to see how that is, though from the leaked designs i'm not a fan of the way it looks and wish it looked more like the nexus 5.

  3. Hi Ash,very nice review as usual.I am planning to buy a phone with which i can manage an online shopping website that i am working on(like adding products,editing information,staying in touch with customers etc.)my budget is within 40k, so i was fixed on iphone 5s.some of my friends suggest me to extend the budget by some 6k and get the iphone6.but in that range i find the bb passport more appealing.i am not a gamer and for watching movies i use my tab3.my need is a phone that runs smooth while mailing,downloading,uploading,with good camera and has good battery life.pls suggest me which phone i can buyamong the above 3 or is there any better options than the above 3?

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