iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Review!

TechnoBuffalo reviews the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

Written review and image samples: http://bit.ly/1Ru6rVp

iPhone 6s Unboxing: http://bit.ly/1OXikDX
iPhone 6s Plus Impressions: http://bit.ly/1Ru41X3
Camera comparison: http://bit.ly/1Ru3Xqd
3D Touch explained: http://bit.ly/1MCc4PJ

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44 thoughts on “iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Review!”

  1. You should do an updated review with iOS 12 just finished algic reasons and because a lot of people on it rich enough to be buying into Apple's BS with paying $1,000 or so for phones LOL how many people I would assume would want contracts. So the 6s is still pretty okay decent I only one using it so far so good on iOS 12 point 1.2. anyway an updated review would be awesome with the updated OS thanks

  2. Battery is such bullshit and everyone said this. I’ve had a 6S plus since it came out and the most I’ve ever gotten out of mine is about 6.5 hours of usage. That is nowhere near enough for a full day, so I’m forced to use a battery case. Btw it’s supposed to be I believe 10 or 11 hours of internet use which is most of what I do

  3. I wonder how you're left with 50% battery at the end of the day. On my 6s plus it was at 10% by 8 pm daily and I had to alter my usage to make it through.

    Sadly battery life was the reason I bought the plus model but iphones have always disappointed as far as battery is concerned.

  4. Hi Jon, honestly I actually got the iPhone 6s Plus 2 days ago and I am liking it a lot. With so many people saying it was such a big phone I wasn't sure if I'd like it but personally I think it's fantastic. But I also like bigger phones.

  5. I have the note 4. I love the phone but it is the worst phone I have ever owned. I have gone through 2 already. it freezes on me and randomly restarts in me multiple times a day, and it's getting worse day by day. the question I have now us should I trust the note 5 or just switch back to the iphone. the best phone I have ever owned was the iPhone 4. I switched to various android phone in pursuit of the best phone. I have been very disappointed in that decision that I made to switch from an iPhone. the question I have now is are iPhone's still that dependable like the iPhone 4? or did the quality go down as the generation when up? please help me I would appreciate that very much.

  6. I have a dilemma. My iPhone 6 just broke. In half. Long story lol. Should I get the 6s plus now or wait until September for the iPhone 7, but go that entire time without a phone. I haven't heard great things about the 7 rumors so far, and I'm getting the 7s regardless. Thanks!

  7. is the 6S plus better or the features are the same? about size what do u suggest? i think the 6s plus would be really unconfortable because its really big

  8. My Grandmother has the 6s plus and I'm not impressed with the camera nor the screen. Maybe it's just me being conditioned to My Nexus 6p but the camera is not as good as my Nexus especially in low light and the screen looks dull.
    But it is very very fast

  9. Bought the 6s plus, getting hard to get used to mostly cause of the weight, coming from a note 5, deciding on keeping or exchanging for the 6s before my 14 days are up. Any opinions?

  10. Had a 6 Plus. Over Christmas I upgraded to a 6s plus. 3D Touch is neat but I always forget it's there. But the phone is damn snappy. That extra GB of RAM made all the difference.

  11. Long time android user( Note 1-4) here and I must say I am loving my iPhone 6s+. It's only been a few weeks but so far I have been convinced and turned to the dark side lol

  12. Great review John. I have been a consistent Galaxy User until my GS4 broke. I skipped the GS5 and thought i'd get the GS6, but, my best friend talked me into trying out apple. I had his old 5 just to try out and while simple and doesn't have all the bells and whistles of Androids customization i was impressed at its consistency. It just works! I was never a apple PHONE fan but i do have a macbook pro i use for my photography business and i was impressed at the apple eco system especially with things like iMessage syncing to the Mac. I have now purchased the 6s and I'm pretty happy with it. I may go back to Android at some point but i will admit that the new features of the 6s, when you are coming from a 5 are pretty sweet and the battery life is good also. Definitely gets me through an entire work day and some after work festivities. I would tell everyone to at least give a phone a try before you condemn it in your mind. I did and m pretty happy i gave it a try.

  13. Just picked up a 64gb iPhone 6s plus this week and ive gotta give apple credit. And this is coming from a hardcore android user. Apple has actually impressed me this time around. 3d tocuh is pretty cool and can be useful but at the current stage there is not much of it to show but hopefully developers will soon make use of it

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