iPhone 6S Plus In 2021! (Still Worth It?) (Review)

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37 thoughts on “iPhone 6S Plus In 2021! (Still Worth It?) (Review)”

  1. Most smartphones whose display are 5.5 give this illusion that they're big. My cousin has Iphone 7+ while I have the Samsung A21s. The Iphone 7+ still looks big. That home button is cool as well!

  2. I got 6S plus back in 2015 and it still works perfect and no more damage on surface even today excepting horrible quality of photos. I need quality pictures for online website so I finally decided to switch to 13 Pro Max this month. I still prefer 6S Plus though because of their size also the shape, the corner is round so it's less fragile than 13 Max Pro. I dropped 13 Max Pro the first day and it has already several tiny dents…sigh…

  3. Nope this thing can’t keep up anymore I will say tho has been water damaged submerged 2 times over summer still worked one of those times the whole screen was water inside it all dried out and is good again now it’s cracked pretty bad and weeks later it has just been slow mostly after I got ios15 it ruined it so I’m getting a 13 in blue now bc I need something that doesn’t keep crashing apps and works with apple CarPlay

  4. Thank you. Solid hardware and proformance….. we are lucky to have us tech as this for 100$ I’m blessed and love my 6splus. Thank you! Appreciate what you have people! I feel spoiled having such a great piece of elegant and well designed and powerfully tech, especially since it’s still relevant in 2021…. Long live apple

  5. I went from an Android and am currently using this phone in 2021, but I think what I am about to say can apply to all iPhones as I have played with the 8, XR, 11, and 12. This phone in 2021 is hot garbage. The battery is terrible, mine I have to charge around twice a day with regular usage and my battery's health is at 90%. There are probably entry-level androids that can outperform the camera at this point. This phone and all newer iPhones can now be outperformed by android phones that are half their price. The only thing that iPhone really has going for it at this point is iMessage, and maybe the camera somewhat.

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