iPhone 7 Plus Review in LATE 2021 | 5 Years Later | My Daily Phone

Is the iPhone 7 Plus worth in 2021? Should you get this wonderful 5 year old smartphone? Let’s talk about it.

Late 2021
iOS 15 on 7 Plus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPrUBVz1BQg&t=81s
iPhone X in 2021 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWLVekfeCwo&t=42s
Early 2021
iPhone 5S in 2021 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bm-iLdJ69fU&t=133s
iPhone 8 in 2021 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8rC2FydC5k&t=291s
Galaxy S10+ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HpZWQH2tpQ&t=302s

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20 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Plus Review in LATE 2021 | 5 Years Later | My Daily Phone”

  1. Cinéaste en herbe et grand cinéphile, je trouve que la la caméra d'un Iphone 5 SE, 6S+, 7+ voir d'un 8+ sous certaines conditions, ont une bien meilleure qualité d'image pour filmer et faire un court- métrage ou un film d'une heure et demie. Attention je ne parle pas des images photos, mais bien de la caméra vidéo.Alors certes l'image est un peu plus sale, granuleuse mais justement c'est ça que je te trouve un peu plus beau (en partie) car cela reste beaucoup plus naturel et l'émotion à l'image prend plus facilement aussi…comme un film, un vrai. Pour moi à partir du 8+ mais surtout à partir de l'Iphone X, l'image est devenue trop Hd sans âme, trop superficielle, trop clip musical, trop dans la saturation…Je n''adhère absolument pas à ce délire vidéo, c'est moche pour faire des films.Je remarque aussi que peu le remarque mais heureusement des personnes préfèrent aussi la qualité d'avant, ça fait toujours plaisir. Merci pour ta vidéo et merci de m'avoir lu.

  2. I exchanged my 7 plus for iphone 13 last week. The 7 plus is a gem of a phone even today. Performance wise no issues. U can even play pubg on the highest graphics setting. The reason i had to sell was because of battery life even after changing to a new original iphone battery the battery used to drain very fast. The other reason display was showing signs of damage and camera after numerous falls during the last 5 years. I really miss the touch ID and home button of the 7 plus. One negative about the camera was night mode it wasn’t sharp compared to the new gen phones.

  3. Great job on this video and also showing some love to the iPhone 7 Plus. I bought the 7+ 5 years ago when it was released. I’m running iOS 15.2 and have no issues at all with it. In fact, the new iOS update has breathed new life into the user experience. It’s like having a new phone for me and there have been no noticeable performance decreases in my use of the device. I’ve been tempted to upgrade to the 13 pro recently, but this phone is still such a solid performer that I can’t justify the move (yet). It’s said that this phone is one of the best iPhones ever produced and I believe it.

  4. I got 7 plus now and I love it after moving from Android
    Latest iOS update option is great
    Seeing the build quality, I expect I can use for 3 years from now

  5. recently got an iPhone 7 plus but it got stolen. But honestly in the short two weeks i had it, it was an amazing phone. I plan on getting an iPhone XR next year, currently using a galaxy S3

  6. I was out looking for a Mack book air M1 today and a charging cable for my iPhone 7plus. The sales person saw my phone and said I need a new phone. I said why do you think that? He said your phone is too old and won’t be upgraded any more. I told the guy I have no issues with my phone at all. It’s perfect and running excellent. He scoffed cause he thought he could try n manipulate me into getting a new phone. I walked out and didn’t spend a cent at that store. Sucked in to the sales guy who made zero dollars on me. 😂 I like my iPhone 7. Who cares if that sales person didn’t think my phone was good enough.

  7. My friend is sending me her old iphone 7 + as my android is 5 yrs old and having issues. Ive never had an iphone im getting excited. I know learning curve but a better camera. Im disabled watch a lot of vids and play a couple of non moving design games. Talk, text. I hear you should replace the battey if it gets below 80% and sounds like yours is. Many stil reporting all day charges and better speed and battery life with new battery and upgrade on the 7+. . Thank you!! God bless!

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