iphone 8 in 2021 || Buy or Not || Tamil Review (worth buying?)

iphone 8 in 2021 || Buy or Not || Tamil Review
Apple launched iphone 8 in september 2017.
Does it worth buying even in 2021?
Lets see all the technical specifications of iphone 8 and in the end i share my suggestions about buying iphone 8 in 2021.

iphone 8 in 2021 || Buy or Not || Tamil Review

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Iphone 8 has A11 bionic chipset.
so iphone 8 can perform all task easily.
Iphone 8 can also get ios updates in My other videos

Is iphone 8 best budget iphone that Apple can give you in 2021?
Lets find it.

iphone 8 in 2021 || Buy or Not || Tamil Review

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iphone 8 in 2021 || Buy or Not || Tamil Review

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