iPhone 8 Plus Battery Replacement

For Parts: https://store.appledollars.com/collections/iphone-8-plus-parts This video will guide you through the process of replacing the battery on an iPhone 8. The video is a step by step follow along guide, with nothing left out, from start to finish.

WARNING: Lithium batteries can explode or catch on fire if they are twisted or loose their original shape. Attempt this repair at your own risk. We recommend taking it to a professional repair center.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As of January 2018 Apple is performing discounted rates for all iPhone battery swaps at $29. If possible visit your local center for a quick swap.


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44 thoughts on “iPhone 8 Plus Battery Replacement”

  1. The job was well done. Only thing to say is, near the charging port where u putted the steel thing to create the gap to put the blue plastic tool to remove the screen, looks scratched. If you notice at the beginning of the video that area is white with no damage. In the end when you're putting the screws u can see a black line, appearing to be " damage" from the tool.

  2. Hi! I have a problem what will happen if i scratch accidentally da wireless chaRging pad can i still use it in the wireless charger?

  3. Seems to me, that adhesion tape crap would be unnecessary for the replacement, especially if you wanted to ever replace it again. I mean, it looks to be a pretty tight fit. I’m no expert.

  4. Thanks for the vid,but in my case wos not that easy to remove the batery, to much glue on that cover an I damege the screen wires now I have to get a new screen too,in this video wos so simple to removed,for safe me some money now I ended spending more this is funny..🤔🥺☹️👎

  5. 2:38 ugh this is just like opening iphone 1 which I hated – using guitar picks. The fit and finish of the case would never be the same. That plastic antenna cover was the worst too. Be careful bending that battery. If you rupture it internally it will cause an electrical short and get very hot and may put off a gas. Great job on the video!

  6. Excellent. After watching this I became a battery replacement master technician and surprised my wife by replacing her battery in less than 10mins. 👍🔥

  7. Good job.

    I replaced a battery on an SE for the first time. I broke the tabs and couldn't pry the battery out from the bottom, tried from the top and ripped my flex cable in half lol It went from a simple battery change to a full dissembly 🤦🏾‍♂️

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