iPhone 8 Plus Full Review!(Tamil/தமிழ்)|Geekytamizha தமிழில்

Hey guys in this video we are going to the full review for the mighty smartphone from Apple which is the iPhone 8 Plus!At present this smartphone is the fastest smartphone on earth!This smartphone is priced damm high.So does this smartphone justifies that price?To know the answer watch our full review fully!Stay SUBSCRIBED:)
Note – This video is in Tamil!
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36 thoughts on “iPhone 8 Plus Full Review!(Tamil/தமிழ்)|Geekytamizha தமிழில்”

  1. Hai bro na 8 Plus use pannuren.switch off pannitu switch on pannura appo oru problem . It mean switch on panna power button ha one click pannalea ON akuthu. Usual ha long press dhana pannanum but en mobile la one click pannalea on akuthu bro. Edhu fault ha illla power button appudi dhana. En doubt ha clarify pannunga bro

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