iPhone 8 Plus In 2022! (Still Worth It?) (Review)

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31 thoughts on “iPhone 8 Plus In 2022! (Still Worth It?) (Review)”

  1. I’ve had mine for 1 year I definitely recommend it especially because it’s so cheap now. The only reason I’d upgrade is for the newer phone look

  2. This is still the iPhone with the highest resolution of LCD screen. If you don't like the OLED screens the iPhones use (because they cause you headaches like they do for me), then this phone still can't be beat!

  3. Guys i need ur opinion i had a iphone se 2 then it died I couldn’t get a new one due to it being under a carrier contract so im using my grandfathers iphone 6s without touch id as i fixed the display myself along with touch id n i replaced the battery

    Im thinking for buying a used iphone 8 plus as its cheap n it could last me years n less of a heartbreak then a brand new one dieing n having to still pay full price

  4. I had my iPhone 📱 8plus from my first upgrade from iPhone 4 back in 2017. I was still learning about how many features the phone had until Sprint was brought out by T-Mobile and they offered me a deal I couldn’t refuse. Now I own a iPhone 13 Pro Max and I absolutely LOVE ❤️ it and T-Mobile threw in a Apple Watch ⌚️ Series 7 45m and I don’t leave the house without both. If anyone looking for a great phone but short on money, I highly recommend that you purchase a iPhone 8 Plus but make sure you purchase a good case because of the glass back because when I first got my iPhone 8 Plus I dropped it without a case and it could have cost me $900.00 (According To Apple Store🤷🏿) but I have full coverage so it only cost me gas to drive to the nearest store which is only 12 miles away from my house (Atlanta) and two hour wait time. It’s a great phone (8 Plus) and I highly recommend it especially since I skipped iPhone 10-12 so you know you’re getting a great phone

  5. Just ordered a new one for a good deal recently, and waiting for its arrival.
    I used iPhone 4 from 2010-2016, then in 2016 I tried out Xiaomi Mi 5, and now I am choosing to go back to iOS and the main reason why I chose 8 Plus is because I simply CANNOT get used to the idea of phones not having home button anymore.
    I hope by the time iPhone 8 Plus becomes too obsolete (I'll probably still use it even when OS updates for it stop as long as the apps keep working), there will be some nostalgia for home buttons and we can see at least some models with it.

  6. I gave my 8 plus to my mom a few years ago and she loves it. Getting close to needing a new battery but she rather a new battery then switch over phones. The A11 has aged very well, a very powerful chip.

  7. That’s what I love about Apple they support their devices so long the value is unbeatable. A device like the 8 plus despite being almost 4 years old will still get 2 more years of support. People make a huge deal out of the bezels but it’s classic iPhone design so there’s some nostalgia. Even with slightly lesser performance you get essentially a very similar experience on iOS. I never had an iPhone 8 Plus but I’m surprised battery life isn’t that great.

  8. my dad still using the iPhone 7 only for personal and I think that iPhone 7 still pretty good for personal and that’s has a10 fusion chip
    iPhone 7 still good in 2022 in this new year

  9. I still have am using it to this day, although things like the battery are in need of replacement. And random things like the microphone for calls just breaking? It half works and is very quiet. But it’s very capable!

  10. Hello Simple Alpaca, i wanted to ask if you can make a video how to update the Ipad mini 2 cellular from IOS 9.3.6 to ios 12.5.5 please. Because my ipad said that "9.3.6 Your software is up to date". I wanted to downloads more app but they usally says ios 10.0 or later!😭

  11. I’m using an 8 Plus and I can say that it’s still a good phone. I was considering to upgrade because of Night Mode but there’s NeuralCam. Besides, I’m gonna have a hard time adjusting to Face ID & gesture-based navigation.

  12. I’ve had my 8 plus since launch. I’m one of the 10% who can’t use OLED due to PWM and I much prefer the superb 16:9 NOTCHLESS screen, so have no plan to upgrade any time soon. Please bring out an SE Plus based on this phone!

  13. Love this phone have the XS Max but I always come back to this and the finger print sensor is needed in the times we’re living in now. Apple needs to get rid of the notch and put a finger print sensor too

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