iPhone 8 Plus vs Galaxy Note 8: Only One 8 Is Great

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Both of these phones are great—but only one can be the winner. Will it be the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or the Apple iPhone 8 Plus? Find out our pick in a comprehensive versus video.

iPhone 8 Plus Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXU8GqaMsQc
Galaxy Note 8 Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0WgpO4J98E

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26 thoughts on “iPhone 8 Plus vs Galaxy Note 8: Only One 8 Is Great”

  1. Today, I traded my iPhone 8 plus in for a Galaxy Note 8 and two things I noticed right out of the gate is the camera and battery are BY FAR way better on the Note 8.

  2. You didn't mention the stereo speakers on the iphone (only mono speaker on Note 8). And that curved screen on the Note 8 is a ball ache.

    I had a iphone 7 plus and changed to the Note 8. The Note gets very annoying after a while. As far as functioning as a phone the iphone has it nailed. Everything from the heptic motor to the home button and the pressure sensitive screen ooze quality on the iphone whereas the Note feels a bit like a toy. I love the screen on the Note 8 but I hate the aspect ratio and that stupid curved edge. The rear finger print scanner on the Note is also horrendous the iPhones front reader is far better. I've been an android user since the beginning but IOS impressed me. The iphone also looks much better with its smooth edges and rounded corners, the Note has sharp corners and the camera array looks weird I'm presently typing on my Note 8 so I'm not bias.

  3. You utter twat. You can't even compare the screens together, as Samsung makes the screens for Samsung, they are going to save the best for their own flagship. Might I add how the fuck you decided that the 8 plus had a better battery when it does at 30%

  4. I have a Note 8 and an iPhone 8 Plus. The screen difference IMO isn't amazingly different to the human eye surfing Facebook and texting… which is 90% of people using their phone. Also, I've cracked both and the 8+ costs $20 to replace, the Note 8 costs $250 to replace. It's not worth the cost difference. Both phones are top notch in performance, but the Samsung lags more than the iPhone which doesn't lag at all. I like the stylus on the note and it's features, which is why I got it. It makes a ton of useful shortcuts and is more productive than the iPhone, but I can absolutely rip through things on the iPhone because of how efficient it is. If I had to do it again I wouldn't have bought the note 8 because the iPhone 8 plus does everything well and has low replacement costs for parts. I don't feel the Note 8 justifies the ridiculous costs in parts if you break something or it dies. If I didn't have an iPhone 8+ I'd have the Note 8 and enjoy it. I went 6 months with just the Note 8 before adding the iPhone 8+ (had the 7+ before the note). One thing I love is that my Samsung wireless Qi fast charger charges both phones.

  5. The 8plus much better. Its got better camera, best video, better battery, best performance, best value, best long lasting software updates. What else would i want

  6. I don’t get how the a11 is suppose to play video fast. I have both phones on the same sucky WiFi and the note8 blows the iPhone out the water. Don’t get me wrong I love mi 8 plus but the note 8 just performs so much better in everything

  7. I’ve got both phones and like them both. And honestly the note 8 is faster in everything. I like the concept of the iPhone but as far as performance I gotta give it to the note. I’m running 8.0 on the note and iOS 12 on the iphone

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