iPhone SE (2020) In 2022! (Still Worth Buying?) (Review)

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Let’s take a look at the iPhone SE (2020) In 2022! (Still Worth Buying?) (Review)

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24 thoughts on “iPhone SE (2020) In 2022! (Still Worth Buying?) (Review)”

  1. its all about consistency. i do have 1 SE alongside my 8+ and im not like a fanatic fanboy or something…but u begin by saying its an outdated design, old looking phone, bla bla…3 seconds later – its not an ugly phone or a super ugly phone just….wtf was the point of the first ”presentation”? i mean like yeah, everyone knows its iphone 8 format, so is it ugly and outdated or is NOT THAT ugly or ”super ugly” or anything…this is just some bull shit kind of comparison that just doesnt fit a ”proper” video

  2. people can't understand one thing! this device is for those who cant stand large screens and notch, who like home button and that outdated design. It's not too hard to add some more dollars and buy the new looking ones.. if i replace it one day, the reason will be the battery.

  3. The size is the best part of the SE2020. With an iPhone 11 in my pocket…I cannot bend down to tie my shoes. I also like to take my phone with me when I go mountain biking. I keep my phone in my front pocket. A phone that's too large will bind on my thigh when pedaling.

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