iPhone SE (2020) Review: Is it worth it?

The iPhone SE (2020) edition is a $400 compact phone with the same chip and performance that you get on $1,000+ flagship phones and one of the best cameras in that price range.
Buy iPhone SE (2020) here: https://apple.sjv.io/VPbxk

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43 thoughts on “iPhone SE (2020) Review: Is it worth it?”


  2. Was tempted before not after watching your video. Thanks for saving my money and changing my mind. Sticking to my android.

  3. Thank you so much for this review. I've been eye-ing the iPhone SE because I'm looking for a cheaper smartphone that supports iOS. The sad battery life is a big thing for me because my game my current phone's battery. Do you have other recommendations for smartphones that can be synced with other apple products (e.g. Mac)?

  4. I recently got the iPhone SE bc I had to switch phone plans. Before I had the IPhone 8plus so from BIG screen to tiny screen I have to say I like it better not holding a table size phone and less weight. I use my phone a lot at work 8hr shift and the battery is great I leave at the end of my shift with %55. Maybe it’s cuz it’s new bc for now I really like it. Plus I got a super cool case 😃

  5. Hey guys. I'm planning to buy either 11 or SE. I don't play games a lot, I don't take pictures a lot too. I listen to music, read things, use instagram, whatsapp, browse web etc. I can also buy airpods pro if I get SE instead of 11. I listen to music a lot. What do you suggest? I have concerns about SE's battery. Which should I buy?

  6. Right. To keep it short. Nobody and I mean NOBODY should be watching YouTube or any other video online for 6 hours. Your battery test is stupid and appeals to the stupid. Phones were made to be phones. You want a radio go buy a radio. You want a tv go buy a tv. You want to spend you life looking at screens go ahead. Also put down your toys, see a doctor for your phone addiction and get a real job.

  7. While i agree with the majority of your statements,
    I am curious when running your on screen tests, if brightness level was set to max, as this review showed.
    If so, that would play a major role in on screen longevity.
    SE gen 1 user..

  8. The $400 iPhone SE 2020 can get GOOGLE APPS and google phones cant get apple apps, A 4K camera that shoots at 60 FPS and photos at 12MP alongside oh portrait mode and slow-mo 240 fps, stereo speakers, front-facing flash for photos, overall not the best compared to high end but at $400 photos taken at night but solid, 0 bloatware, 0 Facebook, twitter, amazon, instagram, Tiktok, google installed apps which means out of the box you won't have google and others gathering and selling your data, unlike google maps, Apple maps which is now amazing and the highest rated in terms of privacy and your data, Apple news (free version has NO ADS), A13 Bionic chip which is the faster than ALL android phones even the high end android, most secure mobile OS with IOS13 which will be updated until 2025, FaceTime, iMessage, Sign in with Apple which is a more secure and privacy based version of sign in with Google that doesn't give the websites your iD and info to track you and sell your data or sell you ads. Apple iWork for free so no need to use google docs which gathers data and no need for Microsoft word which cost $7.00 a month, Apple Pay most, Airdrop no need to go around and bumping your phones LOL, good all-day battery life, wireless charging, BEST AR apps, fast charging, good screen at 4.7 inches 625 nits, iOS apps store which has higher quality apps than android. The iOS apps store you are GUARANTEED to get all of the newest apps and games DAY 1 and updates the moment they are released. Wireless Audio with iPhone if you use Apple AirPods Pro will give you spatial audio, 3D surround sound, hands-free auto-connecting to other apple products. AirPods and all beats products you will get an automatic connection and switching between battery widget, Hey Siri, Apple tv, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod, and apple watch. The iPhone has the best smartwatch. Speaking of Apple Watch this iPhone can connect to all apple watches, fitness trackers, Samsung watches, and for some odd reason, android wear watches. Only the iPhone can connect to Apple watches. Accessories are best on iPhone since iPhone is more profitable. Since this phone shares the same design as iPhone 8 this also means you’ll get the best accessories at the lowest prices. Also, you are going to get the best mobile apps that are optimized for iOS, safari browser which in comparison to chrome browser it doesn't sell your data, touch iD, ability to get subscriptions for Apple Music, Apple card, Apple news+, Apple Arcade, coming in fall iOS 14 has customization and widgets that are elegant and better optimized for iOS unlike android, IP67 water-resistant, True tone display which adapts the display with your surroundings, Bluetooth 5, wifi 6, and a free year of Apple TV+

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