iPhone SE (2020) review

The new iPhone SE looks like an iPhone 8 but works like Apple’s top-of-the line iPhone 11 Pro and costs only $399. And yet, there are a lot of ways to think about the new SE. One is that it’s a more affordable option than the iPhone 11. Or that it’s the 2020 sequel to the original SE from 2016. Or, at 4.7 inches, that it’s the smallest and cheapest iPhone you can currently buy. Or — and this is my favorite way to think about it — that it’s an iPhone 8 with the brains and power of an iPhone 11. All in all though, the new iPhone SE is all these things — and that’s why I’m enamored with it.

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32 thoughts on “iPhone SE (2020) review”

  1. The water resistant thing did not work for me because it fell in the underwater for like almost about 30 seconds and it is not work it won’t even turn on now, so just be careful😢

  2. I purchased an iPhone SE 2020 during a Black Friday sale. I’m upgrading from an Android LG K22 – oh my, what a difference! I don’t see myself going back to Android. Thanks for the wonderful review, I’m glad to see my choice of iPhones isn’t laughable.

  3. I enjoy my iPhone SE I’m not into the larger models, even if the SE didn’t get a upgrade I would of bought the 2016 model. The camera isn’t a deal breaker at all for me I’m not a photographer nor a selfie guy I’m satisfied with the camera as is. The price point of the 2020 SE is great and the upgrade internally is a major plus.

  4. I'm still running an old iPhone 6s, so I'm planning on upgrading soon, and will probably get the SE 2020 because I just don't have $800+ to spend on a 13 or even a 12

  5. I upgraded from the original iPhone SE and I love my new iPhone SE it’s faster ,longer battery life and the screen a little bigger and still fits in my pocket and or one hand and a great price too !

  6. Why some people expect a high capacity battery in such a thin small phone body? Is it that common nowadays to have a high capacity battery in such thin small phone body?

  7. My family members are android users and I've been tempted to switch over to iPhone.

    Don't feel like spending over $500 and was pleasantly surprised to see Apple had this phone!

    Any ex- android users who switched to the SE?

  8. iPhone se will be my first real phone since 2010. I have been using iPods and iPads with a sip voip app since then for free, having WiFi at both of my jobs. I hate expensive phone bills so I will be doing mint mobile with an unlocked refurbished iPhone se, with a 20 dollar a month plan. 👍🏼👍🏼

  9. Long time Android guy here,currently rocking with the S10,looking to switch to IOS, not the S20 or Note 20, too expensive. Looks like the iPhone SE would be a good introduction to Apple 🍎. Great review, but for the record Lexi is my favourite. 😋

  10. Finally getting ready to upgrade my phone in 5 years. So I am using 6S for the past 5 years. I was so reluctant about new changes that Apple made in those 5 years so I decided to keep my current phone as long as possible, but… the battery problem is not so much favorable to my decision. A few days ago when I was hiking, I was shocked to see how fast the battery depleted as well as dying off from 70% battery in a minute. Maybe that was impacted by the change of weather and the altitude but it wasn't extreme change when the phone's battery depletion was surely EXTREME! So I decided to see which new model from Apple has the most similarities with my current phone and it seems like SE 2nd Generation is, tho it does not have the wired headphone jack there. Hopefully this new one I will get last long like my current phone.

  11. Thanks for the review! I've been an Android user all my life but now that my Moto G5 died after 3 years and the old Note 4 I've been using as a temporary replacement is fading fast, I'm making the switch to iPhone for product longevity. I used a 2012 Macbook just until this year when I upgraded to a 2017 model. Nothing was wrong with it, I just wanted an upgrade and now my little sis uses my old one. With this kind of durability and long support life of Apple products, I have no doubts a new SE will last until the next SE comes out in 4-5 years. Might have a notched screen then too!

  12. So it's iPhone for people that can't afford new iPhones but wanna flex Apple logo on back with smallest screen and outdated design lol

  13. I have been using an Original SE since 2016 and waiting for another four-inch screen to come around, but after watching your review I intend to upgrade to the new SE and compromise on the slightly bigger 4.7-inch size. Thanks for the very informative review and please spread the word (to Apple) that there are a lot of us Apple users who like phones that fit in our pockets.

  14. The $400 iPhone SE 2020 can get GOOGLE APPS and google phones cant get apple apps, A 4K camera that shoots at 60 FPS and photos at 12MP alongside oh portrait mode and slow-mo 240 fps, stereo speakers, front-facing flash for photos, overall not the best compared to high end but at $400 photos taken at night but solid, 0 bloatware, 0 Facebook, twitter, amazon, instagram, Tiktok, google installed apps which means out of the box you won't have google and others gathering and selling your data, unlike google maps, Apple maps which is now amazing and the highest rated in terms of privacy and your data, Apple news (free version has NO ADS), A13 Bionic chip which is the faster than ALL android phones even the high end android, most secure mobile OS with IOS13 which will be updated until 2025, FaceTime, iMessage, Sign in with Apple which is a more secure and privacy based version of sign in with Google that doesn't give the websites your iD and info to track you and sell your data or sell you ads. Apple iWork for free so no need to use google docs which gathers data and no need for Microsoft word which cost $7.00 a month, Apple Pay most, Airdrop no need to go around and bumping your phones LOL, good all-day battery life, wireless charging, BEST AR apps, fast charging, good screen at 4.7 inches 625 nits, iOS apps store which has higher quality apps than android. The iOS apps store you are GUARANTEED to get all of the newest apps and games DAY 1 and updates the moment they are released. Wireless Audio with iPhone if you use Apple AirPods Pro will give you spatial audio, 3D surround sound, hands-free auto-connecting to other apple products. AirPods and all beats products you will get an automatic connection and switching between battery widget, Hey Siri, Apple tv, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod, and apple watch. The iPhone has the best smartwatch. Speaking of Apple Watch this iPhone can connect to all apple watches, fitness trackers, Samsung watches, and for some odd reason, android wear watches. Only the iPhone can connect to Apple watches. Accessories are best on iPhone since iPhone is more profitable. Since this phone shares the same design as iPhone 8 this also means you’ll get the best accessories at the lowest prices. Also, you are going to get the best mobile apps that are optimized for iOS, safari browser which in comparison to chrome browser it doesn't sell your data, touch iD, ability to get subscriptions for Apple Music, Apple card, Apple news+, Apple Arcade, coming in fall iOS 14 has customization and widgets that are elegant and better optimized for iOS unlike android, IP67 water-resistant, True tone display which adapts the display with your surroundings, Bluetooth 5, wifi 6, and a free year of Apple TV+.

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