iPhone SE (2020) vs. iPhone 11 Pro

You can buy the items featured in the video here:
iPhone SE (2020): https://bit.ly/36Zls20
iPhone 11 Pro: https://bit.ly/37RpZm8
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The new iPhone SE starts at $399 and has similar features and internals to Apple’s flagship phone, the iPhone 11 Pro. Let’s see how the budget iPhone compares to the most expensive iPhone by looking at performance, camera quality, battery life and overall design. Find out what difference $600 really makes.

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38 thoughts on “iPhone SE (2020) vs. iPhone 11 Pro”

  1. Se and 11 pro max have the same chipset so you are going to see 0 difference in performance 600 $ goes for design and screen

  2. I can afford the iPhone Pro but I bought the SE because I don’t set fire to money that I can use for other, more useful things. Also, no fingerprint reader is a deal breaker.

  3. there is no excuse for not having a oled panel bruh. literally oled panels are over a decade old even samsungs first smartphones had an oled panel. apple, GET IT TOGETHER.

  4. Why don't you just give away any one of those three mobiles only to me, it's quite simple for a big youtuber like you… I like the SE2 why don't you just give it away to me. 😁😁

  5. The last expensive i have bought was Samsung 8 plus! I can get 11pro but it will be just a normal phone for me in a few days so no thank you. SE wins here

  6. I just got my first phone. It’s the iPhone SE. it’s pretty good IMO. It’s pretty durable and has mice sound quality. It’s small, but I like that. It does not have Animoji’s sadly, but that’s about it. It can do everything a iPhone 11 can but it’s smaller.

  7. I have the iPhone 11 Pro Max. I just got tired of dragging a big heavy phone around. I knew I wanted something smaller but didn’t want to spend a lot since I can trade my 11 pro Max in come January. So here I am with the SE 2020. And I LOVE this little phone. It’s just so easy to hold, And I didn’t realize how much I missed the home button !!! This phone has everything I need. I now realize I don’t need all the extras on the 11 phones. Don’t get me wrong …. they are very nice. But I don’t miss them at all. Someday I’m sure I’ll have to get a new phone. But it won’t big one of the bigger most expensive ones. Highly recommend the iPhone SE 😊👍🏻

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