iPhone SE (2020) vs iPhone XR – Which Should You Choose?

iPhone XR and iPhone SE have some differences, but also have a lot more similarities than you might think. I help you decide if you should buy the iPhone XR or buy the new 2020 iPhone SE. I compare the price, the display, do a camera and video comparison and much more. #iPhoneXR #iphone11 #apple

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iPhone XR on Amazon – https://amzn.to/2U8PlUW

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Start
00:39 – XR Colors
00:45 – SE Colors
01:01 – Prices
01:14 – Storage options
01:46 – Design, Size and build
03:28 – IP Rating
03:54 – Displays
05:54 – 1080P YouTube Videos
06:06 – Speakers
06:21 – Face ID and Touch ID
07:38 – Front Camera
08:19 – Rear Cameras
09:17 – Camera Comparison
11:33 – Battery Life
12:07 – Wireless charging
12:24 – WiFi and Bluetooth
13:01 – Speed comparison
13:39 – Benchmarks
14:42 – Gaming load times
15:25 – Exporting 4K video comparison
17:20 – Which iPhone Should You Buy?
18:29 – Conclusion
18:46 – Outro
19:06 – End

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5 AirPod Tips and Features You Might Not Know


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30 thoughts on “iPhone SE (2020) vs iPhone XR – Which Should You Choose?”

  1. iPhone XR or SE, which iPhone would you choose or do you use? iPhone XR and thee 2020 iPhone SE are the least expensive new phones from Apple. In this video I show you both iPhone SE as compared to iPhone XR to help you determine which one is best for you. Thanks for watching!

  2. I purchased a red SE (2020) over a year ago, upgraded from my old SE (2016) and it's great, everything about my 2020 SE is great. Hope the SE (2023) with adapt some 12 design elements.

  3. I prefer xr for larger screen and full screen but im consious on my budget and se 2020 comes out In 2020 where xr In 2018 so i guess se Will be supported longer for new buyer this year and most important larger memory i needed more memory my old se 2016 is just 32 gig ewww.i can buy xr but i dont want to change by life Style yet maybe when im Richer ill get like xr In the future.se is for budget consious.

  4. I had the XR back when it came out a few years ago, it was great but it was just too big and hard to use one handed which is a huge no from me. I then upgraded to the 12 Mini and it was much nicer but the battery life sucked and the OLED display just sucked it dry and the boxy corners made it slippery to hold without a case. I then sold that as the battery health was declining below 87% after just one year. Now I've just purchased the SE 2020 so I can finally go back to the ol reliable 6S design, a phone which never failed me back in the day

  5. due to some financial reason i have to go for se 2 comparing battery life with xr xr wins but overall i guess se2 will fit me and ofc screen size but it is managable

  6. I agree I owned a product red iPhone Xr the battery life is amazing I get through the whole day , unlike my SE 2020 I only get 5 hours then I have to constantly have to charge every 5 hours. I love my iPhone Xr it's and awesome phone!

  7. They might be good for wiping your ass. But, toilet paper is cheaper, and probably works better. Both iiPones (and ANY) iPhone is impossibly stupid and worthless. Even the name itself has a stupid, idiotic spelling, trying desperately to come-off as clever. No. It's just insulting and stupid.

  8. I was choosing between these two phones Xr used on eBay and se brand new but my son got an iPhone 13 pro and he gave his old 11 pro max so saved money there!

  9. I want iphone se because it is cute…. and u can play pubg very well if focus on your skills because there are some youtubers who can beat any player with iphone se 2020❤

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