iPhone Settings You Should Change Right Away

There’s always Settings on the iPhone that you should probably never use or have turned on so in this video I show you iPhone settings that you should probably consider changing right after you purchase a new iPhone.

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38 thoughts on “iPhone Settings You Should Change Right Away”

  1. I am facing issue where I cannot control media volume ( say netflix/ prime etc) while i am on active voice call with friend… side button/ control center only shows option to control call audio and not the background audio of media. Is there any solution?

  2. One option to disable is the Simpincode (settings > mobile data) . With this option enabled whenever you turn off your Iphone your IPhone will lock some features (such as internet or SMS) without any warning. For instance it will allow you to send an SMS, it just won't deliver it. Only if you dig a little deeper the Iphone will ask for your pincode.
    Very annoying when you don't realise what is happening or why a feature isn't working.

  3. I am not able to get into general in my settings. When I click on it, it just brings me back to the home screen. This happened after I was testing an app on the device (good for mobile). I had installed a configuration profile and set it so that I could remove it by password. When I went to remove it, the passcode would not work so I had to change the policy and after repeated installs and removals of the app, it finally came off but then I could not access the general settings anymore.

    Any help please

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