20 thoughts on “iPhone – The Complete Beginners Guide”

  1. I thought this was begginers guide 🙄🙄.. But he went on and on about transfering staff from old iphone to new one…. What about real begginers who are coming from android.. What do we need to know.. Which apps need us to subscribe to to enjoy our phones etc.. What to expect 🙄

  2. I'm trying to see if It's possible for me to operate before I order a iphone 😂 Android is just so clear cut. I probably would already have a iphone if it had a real back button (that I could find)

  3. …oh. The “Controls Screen” swipes down now. Wow. I’m going to miss swiping up when trying to scroll, and having that idiotic “Controls Screen” constantly harassing me. Shucks.

  4. Yeah. Press the power button and volume-up to turn the the idiotic thing off. In all my sixty years I never had to consult a manual to turn any sort of electrical device off. Turn it on, maybe, but not off. Gee, this a feature all other phones have been missing, uh? Just shockingly stupid.

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