iPhone vs Android: REAL Reasons to Switch or Stay

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This is NOT your average iPhone vs Android comparison. This video digs in deeper and zooms out wider. Also, it’s respectful of both sides while pointing out important things people may not realize when simply comparing model vs model year after year.

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0:00 – Hey, it’s Chris!
1:23 – Top-level strengths and weaknesses of iPhones and Androids
1:28 – iPhone fits in Apple’s ecosystem – but are you locked in?
2:15 – Android phones know a lot about you – too much?
3:20 – Giveaway and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!
3:40 – The best features are likely to get copied by either side
4:17 – What to expect from new iPhones and Androids each year
5:43 – Why buying a phone isn’t just buying a phone…
6:05 – The GOOD about buying an iPhone
6:55 – What’s potentially BAD about buying an iPhone?
7:17 – The GOOD about buying an Android phone
8:02 – What’s potentially BAD about buying an Android?
9:02 – Puzzles and puzzle pieces…
9:47 – The direction I’ve decided to go in
10:25 – Switching from Android to iPhone?
10:45 – Switching from iPhone to Android?
11:07 – Squishing some stereotypes
11:27 – Some ending thoughts

38 thoughts on “iPhone vs Android: REAL Reasons to Switch or Stay”

  1. Android/Google steals user data and sells it to 3rd party apps like facebook/instagram which then starts showing up useless bullshit ads. i switched to IOS after using android for 10 years. With IOS,i felt like i have more control over my personal data. With IOS, i can definitely feel like i'm the incharge of my personal information and its upto me to whom i want to share it.

  2. The thing about privacy doesn't just apply to Google's operating system. You can be on Windows or IOS and still be tracked for personalize ads from Google. And a lot of people sure do use some form of Google in their everyday lives. Saying how "Android = Google tracks you" is entirely not the full picture. If you're on YouTube, you get tracked, use Instagram, gets tracked by Facebook, Snapchat, gets tracked by Snap. There is rarely any full internet privacy nowadays, if you are on the internet you are tracked. There is no OS that is more private than the other, because many users will simply download apps and use services from Google, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, etc.

  3. I think that the split screen multitasking feature is a huge difference between the 2 phones. I have an iPhone and I feel so limited in what I can accomplish on the phone at any given time because of the lack of multitasking. That is the sole reason that I regret buying this phone.

  4. Used to be on iPhone all the way from the 3 to the 6S.

    Been on Android with my 5 year old Galaxy S8 and it still holds up super well performance wise!

    Looking to upgrade to a new phone but undecided on which ecosystem to go with. They both served well during my time with both. iOS had problems back in the day which was why I ultimately switched but those problems seemed to have diminished. I just wished they would ditch the dated lightning cable and get with the modern times and go USB C.

  5. Android is simply great because it offers way more valuable customiseble software experience to each individual according to their own taste in very chep prices than the iOS offers so that's why more people are picking Android these day's one of the major reason

  6. Android doesn't necessarily mean Google will steal your data. Google's version of Android does use a lot of your personal data, but it can all be opted out of.

  7. I love how non judge mental you are. Iโ€™ve been trying to decide with my next phone will be an apple, like my current, or an android and the conversation between the two can be veryโ€ฆ toxic to say the least. I also really loved how you brought up privacy and a few other subjects that I havenโ€™t seen anyone else bring up. Thanks for helping me get closer to making my decision!

  8. my setup is perfect I have a Galaxy S7+ Tablet for all my media consumption and emulator games,Stadia or Xbox cloud gaming when im traveling. Then I have my iPhone 13 Pro Max for everything else

  9. I choose iphone

    Let me tell you how I and so many others still buy iphones

    Just buy an older model and buy things like chargers and other accessories from anywhere trustable other than apple.

  10. In a nutshell to experience true android go with Google Pixel not Samsung. Samsung worry to much trying to keep up with Apple .

  11. I choose android because longer battery ,but the hardware is I phone security camera but I like android because you can buy low price but good specs.. but not everyone can't afford to buy I phone

  12. IPhone have got better privacy you taking the piss there are worse than Android buy a phone that hasn't got Google honest and it's not an Apple phone

  13. How about a phone that hasn't got Google which is even better I see a future without Google without iPhone they been stealing our data and information

  14. The only thing i hate about android is the software updates ๐Ÿ˜’ they make you buy their newest phones by killing their old ones the only good thig about apple devices is the continuous support to their devices

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