iPhone X – The Final Review

iPhone X – The Final Review
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A lot of time has passed since we first reviewed the Apple iPhone X. Our initial opinions of the phone were overwhelmingly positive, but a lot can change in the span of a year. Is the iPhone X still the hot phone we once loved? Check out our final review to find out!

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49 thoughts on “iPhone X – The Final Review”

  1. End of Life? >.> Who throws a $1000 phone away after less than a year?
    I'm still using my iPhone5, and it served me well over all this time. I'm just in the process of replacing it, and it will still be in use as secondary/backup phone for a while.

  2. Huge gratz to Apple's marketing team. They have convinced an entire generation that they need a $1000 phone, that in actuality they have zero need or use for. Pure genius.

  3. I think this is one of the best tech review channels, not only because they present the good and the bad sides of each device reviewed. But the thing I like the most is their reviews after a long time of use of one device. It’s really nice to see the features every gadget have, and also the bad stuff about it, but showing us how it endured for a determined period of time and how the user experience was affected by it is even more important. I’m still trying to find a review to tell me how the MacBook Pro 2018 keyboard is doing so far, and none have done it. Ok, it just launched 5 months ago, but still, it would be nice to point out to whether we should buy one or not.

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