IPhone xr aesthetic unboxing, camera test + accessories || indonesia

please watch in 720p!

hai semuanya hari ini aku mau buat video unboxing my black iPhone xr

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instagram : https://www.instagram.com/ndahdwi_/
tiktok : https://vt.tiktok.com/ZGJBvrY3Y/

P R O D U C T :

-iphone xr 128gb : https://shp.ee/m8s23tx
-casing sakura purple : https://shp.ee/b5fxqv7
-soft case hitam : https://shp.ee/ndqik6p
-tempered glass depan : https://shp.ee/ht4juef
-tempered glass belakang : https://shp.ee/efshd7h
-casing transparan : https://shp.ee/37bd3hh


F A Q :

camera : canon eos m100

editing video : inshot, vllo

editing thumbnail : phonto


accessories for filming :

-tripod : https://shp.ee/d3teivt
-phone holder : https://shp.ee/ss97prt
-camera canon eos m100 : https://shp.ee/rzrz4ut
-microphone clip on : https://shp.ee/qv7dnrt
-ringlight : https://shp.ee/5v8vz8t


t a g s


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m u s i c :

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  1. i might get the same phone and the same color for christmas my mom wants to buy it for me but my dad isnt that sure yet i hope i get it ill update if i do or dont even though no one will see lol

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