iPhone XR in 2021: Should You Buy Over Android?

We recently came across a lot of articles talking about the iPhone XR available at around 18K. What’s the truth about that? Also, does the iPhone XR still make sense in 2021, or 2022. Well, we tell you if you should buy the iPhone XR over Android flagships or not.

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0:00 Intro
0:23 iPhone XR at 18K?
1:46 Design vs Android
2:50 The iOS Advantage
3:50 Infamous Display
4:49 A12 Bionic vs Competition
6:19 The Lonely Camera
7:05 Battery
7:59 The Verdict!

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32 thoughts on “iPhone XR in 2021: Should You Buy Over Android?”

  1. I have used iPhone for 12-13 year, i have use iphone 3GS, 4S and 6Plus, and i have starting using Android Oneplus5T and Vivo V7… recently in 2022 .. i and do my daily task very easily without any Problem..i think will purchase Samsung A53 next time …

  2. performance of old iphone is so leggy that some time i think its batter to invest in Midrange Phone and purchase phone in every 2/5 – 3 year instead for purchasing Flagship phone and then struggle with there performance after 3 year.
    My old Iphone 6Plus was started lagging noticeably when was on IOS 10 (Shipped with IOS 8).. and Performance Decreasing Very badly With every update. Today i have seen my Mother Vivio V7(SD-450) and this phone is Performing much , much batter then my Iphone 6 plus. Some time it is madness to run after Flagship..

  3. I'm getting iphone xr in 19,000 from 1 of my close neighbour friend, its in good condition, just battery health is went to 75%, rest of things are good, should i buy or not, 18 months old

  4. i wouldnt consider ios an advantage, more like a disadvantage, when i pick up my old iphone 8 plus for whatever reason it just feels so clunky compared even to my midrange xiaomi

  5. Why is this Indian YouTuber ranting about wireless chairing …in India I don't think even 10% ppl care for wireless charging. Nobody decides their phone buy based on wirless charging

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