iPhone XR PUBG Gameplay Test(2020)🔥HDR+Extreme, FPS Data!

iPhone XR PUBG Mobile Review in 2020 – Still The Best Smartphone for PUBG Streaming?
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iPhone XR was launched in 2018 with Apple’s A12 Bionic Processor and 3GB RAM. In this video, we will be playing PUBG Mobile on iPhone XR on Smooth/Extreme and HDR/Extreme settings to see how the phone performs 2 years after its release. I will be showing you guys live FPS Data, Battery Drain and Heating. We will also take a look at screen recording from the phone. Hope you guys enjoy it!
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23 thoughts on “iPhone XR PUBG Gameplay Test(2020)🔥HDR+Extreme, FPS Data!”

  1. The 720p resolution has some benefits

    Granted A12 is still more powerful than latest snapdragon

    When pubg runs on 2k display, even though it runs on 720p, it needs to upscale to 2k to run on the 2k display , that itself consumes a lot of graphic resources and ram

    If you don’t believe me, Run pubg on the iphone XS max

    It has the same A12 but has 1080p + resolution , it will definitely give lower frame rate than on the XR and will heat more, I guarantee it

    Check it out

    If am proven right, put a comment that The 720 p display is part of the reason

  2. 9 baar yeh video Android Phone mein dekh kar Aaj IPhone XR par dekh raha hoon. Mast phone hain. Android ka 90fps aur IPhone XR ka 60fps zameen Aasmaan ka deference hain.

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