iPhone XR Review: No Need to Panic!

iPhone XR: The one most people should get. Unless you’re a pixel peeper. Like me!

iPhone Xs Review: https://youtu.be/YAF9BWpzwvI

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32 thoughts on “iPhone XR Review: No Need to Panic!”

  1. The iPhone XR is an upgrade on the iPhone X in my opinion because of its upgraded chip sets all that you’re missing is Touch ID that only the fans use and everyone forgot and the resolution which isn’t a big deal because you got a tv that has good resolution

  2. Phone is rather durable, has slipped out of my pocket many times from chair height, have dropped it many times when on the throne (toilet), and has fell out of my pocket when i was walking down the stairs, fell 10+ feet onto hard concrete, and still didnt break! Screen scratches easily though.

  3. This phone was amazing but I feel it didn’t sell well due to the Reviewers saying the LCD display wasn’t 1080p and was slightly less, the iphone 8 was just over 720p but no one cared until reviewers said the XR isn’t and it is disappointing

  4. got my dad's XR just today on christmas! he had it for 1 and a half years from his work and they gave it to him to keep. its a great phone and display is gorgeous dont let techies tell you otherwise! great speed and camera is meh but it does the job!

  5. Just got iphone xr this 2021
    And the experience is insanely good,
    A12 Bionic chip is a beast and the battery is insanely good, i don’t really mind the display so much its crisp and accurate, best lcd panels out there (my brother has iphone 13 pro max and there’s nothing much difference in the colors of OLED, yeah, its slight crispier and vibrant but nothing too crazy) Apple did some magic with their LCD Displays, its just so Accurate and Good. I love it, not painful to my eyes

    and the camera is spectacular and accurate.
    Also the Built in Speakers are so crisp, Loud, Clear and detailed, it feels like you’re in the middle or space, good for gaming, Dolby atmos built in speakers is heavenly.

    I never have any lags or heating problems with this phone, and i play in the highest games, i love this phone 😊

    I came from ip7 ❤️
    And my XR is coral
    Gonna upgrade like 2-3 years again until Apple made something new.

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