iPhone Xr -The (almost) One Year Review

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It’s been almost a year now since the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR were all released and with the new iPhones right around the corner, I decided to upload my (almost) One Year Review of the iPhone XR. Hope you guys enjoy the video, please like, comment, share and subscribe for more!

17 thoughts on “iPhone Xr -The (almost) One Year Review”

  1. Please, I am waiting for the response from you ♥️⚘
    My iphone xr afrer 1.5 year ..and battery at 99% 😳
    In fact, I don't use it much in games and my usage is very simple But after a year and a half, the battery is 99% 🤔
    I do not believe ! !

  2. I had the Note 8 for 2 years before I decided to switch to the XR and the screen did bother me for a few days. The display is not bad, like at all, but it's also not that great. You definitely get used to it though.

  3. Omg Man Same as Me my first Iphone is Xr bought it cause of software and that A12 Chip,althrought i got mine just 3 days ago and is Lightning Fast,i got mi e for 380 euros 128Gb Black Used but its like Brand New 😀

  4. Out of curiosity, have you had any connectivity issues? I’ve had issues with this phone dropping WiFi connections and unable to connect to Bluetooth devices. I usually have to reset my device to get these features to work.

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