iphone xr unboxing in 2021 + accessories (aesthetic + asmr) 🧸🌸

hey besties!

turn the volume up and watch it in 1080p for a better quality 🙂

please note that i didn’t made this to brag whatsoever i just really love watching unboxing videos because i find them relaxing so i thought of making one too! i uploaded another video where i customized my phone and i hope u check it out mwa

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slexm 🧸

🌷 ios 14.4 customization tutorial

🌷 what’s on my phone?


✧ products mentioned ✧
1. iphone xr 128gb white (32,990pesos) – apple store

2. usb type-c adapter (1,190pesos) – apple store

3. clear space case (95php) – https://invol.co/cl2nl0v

4. tempered glass (45php) – https://invol.co/cl2nl11

5. silicon case (19php) – https://invol.co/cl2nl19
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pinterest: https://pin.it/1w4FtJ5
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