iPhone XR vs. iPhone 11 – Should You Upgrade??

This is a review of the iPhoneXR vs. the iPhone 11. When it comes to the iPhone XR vs. the iPhone 11, should you upgrade?

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31 thoughts on “iPhone XR vs. iPhone 11 – Should You Upgrade??”

  1. I have an iPhone XR as well i got it back in October and love it. was thinking about upgrading to the 11 but after seeing this i think i will stick with the xr for another year AT LEAST before i upgrade to the 11 or 12. really excited for IOS 15

  2. The 5 Reasons the iPhone 11 is Better
    1. Major Camara Upgrades like Ultra Wide and Optical Zoom along with upgraded features like the 12mp Front facing camera
    2. Better Battery Life
    3. Slightly more water resistant
    4. A13 Bionic
    5. You can get it in 256GB Brand New

  3. I have the 11 my other half has the XR…. keep the XR… I love the camera on the XR save your money. I paid extra money for a look…two 📸 cameras… we both got white phones at first I wanted the 11 purple but
    I can buy cases in any color my suggestion is stick with a black or white phone.

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