iPhone XS Max review: From the eyes of an Android user

If you use Android day-to-day then is there anything to tempt you to the Apple side? Let’s find out.

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32 thoughts on “iPhone XS Max review: From the eyes of an Android user”

  1. Everyon forgets when criticising the pruce of an Apple device that they are buying into the smoothest eco system available bar none. They are also paying for an unbeatable customer service and back. That makes the XS max exceptional value!

  2. Having owned both devices, I would have liked to see Apple use a more pixel dense display. If they weren't going to add features to take advantage of the larger screen, fine, but at least make it amazingly crisp. I mean…a 6.5 inch display with 458 pixels?? You can easily see the difference in resolution between these two. I would be less disappointed if the price point were lower.

  3. Nice job, but you did miss the big bonuses you get with apple… device support length (apple devices enjoy over double the life as androids as iOS updates them for 5 to 6 years usually), the fact that bloatware, viruses, etc are almost nonexistent, device resale value, and the fact that if you have multiple apple products, air pods for instance, connecting them To the iPhone is easy enough your window licking (not a stab at the pc super race, lol) grandfather can pair them without instructions… iOS is more reliable, more secure, better optimized, and easier for the average consumer to use at the expense of a little extra raw power and customization….. although with that A12 family of chips out, apple even wins in raw processor power right now I believe

  4. I was an avid android person for the last 7 years same as my wife and we both switch to the new iPhones. I have the gold max she has the red xr. I have the lgv35 last before these iPhones. Even though the iPhone dose not have a 4K penal it is a spectacular phone and you don’t notice it unless a 4K phone is side by side

  5. Well done video. Personally I have had my share of the android and Apple devices. With both android and Apple users compromise on certain features. I currently have an iPhone XR. I picked up my phone yesterday. Previously they have a galaxy s9. I thought of my friends told me that I actually stepped down the technology. Unfortunately I need to disagree with them because After playing with the phone all day I have realize that this phone is Underrated. But I respect your view. I also agree that the iPhone XS is way overpriced.

  6. Seeing that phone price is going up, I might opt for Xr next year or S8 or S9. Pixel2 might be nice too but that phone is really ugly now and still expensive and hard to get support here.

    I'm not too concerned about iOS or Android, Android is better, but iOS is also ok.

  7. I have iPhone X and I am disappointed in this years iPhones. I don’t need to upgrade to Xs or xs max at all. Disappointed to the level that I am thinking to switch to Samsung s9 or the note 9 today ! Yes today

  8. Seriously, why would anyone care what a virgin android fanbot thinks about an Apple device? The mere fact they think android is worth using disqualifies them from any logical considerations.

  9. From an Android user, I believe that people saying it is OK to pay over $1000 for a device that is super simple to use, does not offer any extras such as fast charger out of the box, headphone jack, expandable memory and agree 64GB is good, and they don't care the display has the exact same resolution the smaller device has is what makes Apple do whatever they want.
    For a super simple phone to use, I would recommend the OnePlus 6 anyday, so simple is boring, just like the iPhone, but at least is $500 cheaper and has a headphone jack and includes one of the fastest chargers available.

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  11. I can understand the appeal of the iPhone especially in that it's fluid but personally there are too many things I care about that I'd be giving up if I switched to iPhone: Samsung pay, Google homescreen, S pen and always on display.
    Plus Microsoft is playing nice now and releasing useful features like messaging app on windows for Android.

  12. I just made the move from a Oneplus 5T to an XS, the iPhone is night and day better. The Oneplus Android experience isn’t bad per se, however the best of Android still doesn’t compare competitively well to IOS.

    The feeling that the phone just ‘glides’, the great selection of apps, the modern feels and look to the apps, being able to read email properly without having the text miniscule on the screen, being able to tap the top and go to the top of the screen, the 3D Touch trackpad keyboard, long pressing icons without the icon sliding all over the place, the ease of syncing with Mac laptops, accurate predictive text, a vertical scrolling widget page without having to download a shitty launcher, a great Helvetica font without having to root the phone and a thousand things more made me ditch Android.

    For me it was just time to move on.

  13. Got a iphone xs max, loving it.. but i am too much involved and invested in the apple ecosystem. Moved when 6plus arrived and have never felt like going back to android.

  14. I just switched from a iPhone 8 to a pixel 2 and I have to say I prefer the Android experience I think it's simpler and cleaner. iOS just looks bad to me, it's old and antiquated and needs a facelift. Owning a pixel has also made me realize how bad iPhone cameras are, even the new xs camera doesn't compare it has obnoxiously warm color temp. I do however miss 3d touch it's amazing.

    Looking forward to the pixel 3.

  15. As a big Android fun , I really like the app management system on ios.

    The most difference between Android and ios is that most of the games and apps did the optimization for ios and the other Android manufacture did theirs customer Ui for the apps and games .

  16. Brilliant perspectives mate! ☺ Is just love to the fantastic gesture navigation of Apple replicated exactly and precisely by every android OEM! other than that there's nothing that would make me buy an iPhone!

  17. I would consider a switch, if I would find pixel 3 design boring. I like what Google is doing with pixel's camera and I certainly prefer pixel's pure Android experience over iOS, but Google is definitely lacking behind when it comes to hardware design. I am really bored with my pixel 2xl after using it for almost 10 months. Pixel is very uninspiring in it's design. It doesn't offer premium look or feel, and based on all the pixel 3 leaks it still holds true. iPhone XS is overpriced for sure, and yet I might switch to experience that premium feel.

  18. I think any iPhone review is half baked if you don't talk about the apple ecosystem. I have been an android user for several years (Samsung S3, S4, Note 3, S5, S6, S7, S8, S9+, OnePlus 5T) but have moved to iPhone XS Max not because I rate (upcoming) Pixel 3XL or Note 9 (that my wife has) less but because over years I have transitioned to using more Mac devices (one for work and one for photo editing) and iPad Pro and simply changing to an iPhone (be it 8 Plus, X, XS or XS max) makes the whole digital experience complete. Features like Handoff, shortcuts app, AirPlay, AirDrop etc. make it worth the transition. With Shortcuts Apple made a good choice to make Siri more useful as it can never compete with the mighty Google Assistant. Also the fact that even after switching to iOS I can still access all Google goodies that I used to enjoy on my android phones like Google Maps (even with Apple CarPlay), Google Voice, Google Keep, Google Drive etc.

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